Sunday, December 28, 2008

Yeah...Cuz Yeah.

It's obvious...I don't blog anymore. My one fan left me...I don't blame them. I haven't written shit in months! Why? Cuz I don't have innanet in my house anymore. I have to go coffee shop hoppin' and wi-fi husslin. SO, I don't write when the urge strikes (cuz usually I'm at home when it does...vicious cycle.)

I know 2009 is going to be different. '09 is going to be full of amazingness...mark my words! What will likely happen is that I'll have wireless access thru my new Blackberry (which, at this present moment, is finding its way into my experience!)...then I blog. Photos, stories, bullshit and all! Oooooh, exciting!

In the meantime, I've been reading other people's blogs, laughing at...with them and their experiences. **Brad, you're awesome!**
All the while, missing the fact that I used to blog a million times a week! But it's ok.

I've had a lot to write about, but I don't think it was interesting enough to post...actually, that's a lie...I just didn't feel like typing and explaining all that shit! My figuring is year, new outlook, no need to explain! (at least for my "audience" it will be easier to "get it")

Beginning Sunday night (the 28th), I'm fasting. Fasting from all things 3D...(I'm not going to expand on my terminology. Sorry for those who don't "get it")...until Weds night just in time to bring in the New Year! I'm choosing to be with Self for NYE...Spiritually focused and journaling (hopefully via voice recorder) the experience! (maybe I'll transcribe it here once it's all over...but that's not a definite...especially since I have NO CLUE what my experiences will be during that time!)

Happy New Year to all & watch what unfolds!

Love & Light!
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