Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Friday, April 8, 2011

Riding on High.

I'm so buzzed right now.


I feel like I've had an entire pot of coffee....and hadn't even had a single sip!

Lately, I've been diligently working on shifting my focus and changing thought patterns that haven't served me.  And guess what?!


For a long time, I'd been focused on what I didn't have and how I was going to go about getting it...especially as it pertained to money. I learned long ago that the thoughts and beliefs that I held were exactly what created my "lack of" this or that.  However, I'd never [until now] been very successful at creating a new experience regarding [especially] my prosperity.  It wasn't until just a few days ago that something really "clicked", and my entire experience completely shifted.

One morning, after a nice little breakfast, I decided to go for a walk.  I didn't have a particular destination, all I knew was that I had to get out of the house and clear my head.  It was a beautiful sunny California day, perfect for smiling and walking.  This particular day, I'd decided to consciously declare my good.  I decided that for this day, I would only see the potential and opportunity in every situation I encountered and be open to all possibilities [more specifically, the coins in my pocketbook].  No limitations.  None whatsoever.  So, I began to walk.  Feeling good.  That was the most important thing.

At the beginning of my journey, I was crossing the street and a thought popped into my head to text a good friend of mine to see if he knew of any gigs where I could earn some quick cash.  Midway into the crosswalk, I said to myself, "I'll contact him later. I want to enjoy this walk and not be on the phone right now."  So, I continued.  [and quite honestly, forgot about that thought shortly thereafter.]

One of my intentions that morning was to recognize the evidence of prosperity wherever I turned.  I decided to go to Amoeba and surround myself with some music vibrations.  I hadn't gone for any reason other than to be in a music centered environment.  Upon entering the Jazz & Classical section, (I was actually in the new T-shirt section browsing framed album covers and other musical oddities), I was greeted by Morgan, one of the employees in the department.  We began talking about all things musical and the store itself.  I mentioned how much I enjoy the store and said, "I'd work here! This place is cool!".  Next thing you know, Morgan says to me, "Well, we're hiring! I know of 3 people who are leaving soon. You should leave your resume at the front."  He even said he'd put in a good word for me!

"Ha!" I laughed to myself...because to get in at Amoeba is a rare deal.  Positions fill up as quickly as they come available.  This was my first sign of prosperity!  [Even though the thought of writing a resume makes me throw up in my mouth a little, the fact that there was a rare opportunity presenting itself made me want to do 10 cartwheels right there on the spot!] "Ok, cool," I thought, "I'll bring in a resume tomorrow."  I left Amoeba feeling energized and continued my walk. Shortly thereafter, I found myself at a nice little coffee shop in Hollywood and decided to have a cup of joe and write. 

My intention with this free writing session was to "get out" all the shit that no longer served me.  And also, to see all the thoughts that were going on in my head.  I was good and into it, writing out my beliefs about my prosperity [and Life in general] and my desire to summon it into my physical experience, when I received a call "out of the blue" from the SAME friend that I thought about texting earlier!  He called me to see if I was available for a 5-day gig beginning in a few days... 

Wow! Talk about instant manifestation!
From that moment on, I was a firm believer!
Change your thoughts, change your experience.

I'm super excited about my new new thoughts and beliefs.  Oh the places I will go!

...and P.S. that 5-day gig...just turned into a 6-day gig!  I start tomorrow!


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