Saturday, July 31, 2010

I Love How...

I love how it's been like eons since I last wrote...and I've managed to keep all my 22 followers!

Thanks for sticking it out with me guys! Some day, when I'm a superstar and have like 4 million followers like Kanye West...I'll know who's really down with me just cuz I'm me....and not cuz I'm famous.
It's like you guys are the friends I had before I became rich.

Anyway, enough about that.

Over the past however long (a couple years at least), I've been gradually disconnecting from "the outside world" and reconnecting with my innerverse.
Rediscovering Me...and learning a lot about the woman I'm becoming. And she's wonderful!!
Honestly, I had no idea I had such an amazing creature dwelling within.

It's funny how our perceptions of ourselves are so clouded and convoluted by what we think & feel about other peoples opinions about us. Who we should be...what we should we should we should live. We take what they say about us to heart and toss and turn about it, all the while, they're just as lost and confused as we are!

It took some lots of years for me to figure that out. It took me the same amount of lots of years to free mySelf from the energetic kung-fu grip of all that I am not and that which was keeping me from seeing my own beauty [inside and out].

I can say that I'm happy that I've finally pulled that plug, allowing that false-self image to die. Letting go of what I thought I should be, do or say...and deciding who I want to be...and being it!

It's a lifelong process that's never really complete, that I understand completely [even though it's difficult sometimes]. I know there's more to it that I could even imagine, but I can say that I'm happy with the direction I'm headed.

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