Monday, April 27, 2009

Money, Money, Money, Money...Monnnaaaaaay!

After a lil' emotional crack this afternoon [, not crack as in drug-like...crack as in break], I discovered a few things in regards to my current state of financial affairs.

First of all...I've been going about some things the wrong damn way. I've been avoiding a few responsibilities. Not in a fuck-that-I'm-not-doing-it kind of way, but more so in a I-ain't-got-it-so-quit-calling-me kind of way.

...What you resist, persists. [Duh! <---*this is from Me to me*]

I attempted to put "it" on the back burner and say to "them" (in my mind, of course), "Look, I plan on giving you what I owe you...IN FULL, mind soon as it comes to me[!]. So, just sit tight and stop fucking calling me!"

But that didn't work.

After an intense meditation last night, I realized that I have a some darkness reeling around my perception of money and what it really means to me. I literally saw thick, black smoke swirling around the subject as I contemplated upon it. This concerned me a little, but it also gave me a bit of relief knowing that these beliefs existed. A moment of clarity, if you will.

I know it sounds strange...attaining clarity amidst clouds and smoke...but, really, it makes perfect sense. Now that I can see the "problem", I can take the necessary steps to correcting it. Admission is the first step to recovery, right?? I also have to thank Malcolm for giving me some advice regarding my little sitcha-ashun...

You know when things get so out of whack that the mere thought of it makes you want to run full speed in the opposite direction? Well, that's kinda where I'm at. I mean, I know it's all going to work out in the end. I have no doubt about that. However, when you're in fucking sucks.[!]
I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I can see the silver lining. It's just that, at this moment in time, shit ain't where I want it to be.

I have the knowing and understanding that everything I encounter, whether I perceive it as good or bad, is a direct result of a vibration that I put out into the Universe at some point. Where I am now, is just a temporary indication of a temporary vibration that I gave once upon a time. [thanks, Abraham!]

Well [my readers as my witnesses], today, right now, I am consciously shifting my vibration in the direction of what I truly want.......which is complete and total financial freedom.[!!]

I know, I know....that's what evvvvvverybody says and what evvvvvverybody wants. But, I'm telling you, right here, right now...I WILL HAVE IT! *mark my words* [...and I ain't evvvvverybody either!] I can already see it. I already KNOW it. As I explained to my mom's like looking at your entire fortune behind a glass wall. I can see it, I know it's there...[CUZ-I-CAN-SEE-IT!]...but, I can't touch it.


I am aware that the aforementioned glass wall was created by me...somewhere in my subconscious. And, it's up to me to brake that mutha fucker down! *smash!*

This shit is allllll part of my adventure.

It's all good though. I've set my intention to take action.[!] I've set a vibrational intention as well. It's gonna take some real, continuous conscious effort on my part, of course. But, I'm confident that I am turned in the right direction now.

I've been so bored and uninspired with the way things have been going, that I'm reeeeeeeeeally excited to move forward with this new state of mind. I know as things continue to shift in the other direction...especially once I begin seeing physical evidence of it....I will feel more and more at ease.

I will be writing more about my experiences. I figure that I'm not the only one on this planet "going through it". Hopefully, by writing about my shit, I'll be able to help others thru their shit. No need to be shy. No need to hide or doesn't do anyone any good by doing so...and it damn sure doesn't help me either.[!]

With that said....

Let's do this shit!

Watch and learn.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Washington Mutual/Chase...THE - WORST - BANK - EVER - !!

Whatever you do...DO NOT....I REPEAT.... DO NOT...EVER open a Washington Mutual (..."becoming Chase") bank account.

- ER !!

I'ma give you a quick rundown of what the fuck just happened...

I wrote a check for rent....

Gave it to my landlord....

My landlord cashed it....

Washington Mutual took the money out of my account....

4 days later....

WaMu ran the check AGAIN....
[yes, AFTER it was already cashed]

3 days later...

WaMu charged me an overdraft fee for the check....[!! ?]

I go into a branch.....

They look up my account and "fix" the problem...

5 days later...

[Today] My landlord calls and says my check bounced....

I call WaMu to straighten it out AGAIN......

....(during which, I discover I can't access my online banking)....
[and...yes, I know and remember my username and password]

I'm on the phone with the AUTOMATED menu for 10 fucking minutes, pushing 58 different numbers just to get to a fucking real person *scream!!*.....


I finally get someone & tell them what the fuck just happened......

The banker lady asks me security questions in order to "protect my info".....

"What's your address?".....

I answer....

"Thank you. Ok, next question. What was the name of the place where you had a transaction for 58 dollars and 29 cents?"


"I don't know. I can't access my account, remember?[!] I don't have that information."

[really annoyed].....

She says, "Ok, what about a transaction for 9 dollars and 75 cents?"


"I told you I DON'T HAVE ACCESS to my account. I CAN'T ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS!! Ask me something else...I can give you my social security number, my mother's maiden name, my password, my favorite color...whatever...but I CAN'T GIVE YOU TRANSACTION INFO!"

[extremely annoyed]....

So I tell her, "Look, I wrote a check for $x to so-and-so, it was check number [blah-blah]. Is that good enough?"


Banker lady: "Yes, ma'am. Thank you."

*rolling eyes*

So, the lady tells me the money [the rent check] was taken from my account the first time.....

....(the lady also reset my online info and emailed it to me, so I can log in).....


I hang up....

I call my landlord and explain what happened....

She says..."Ok, I'll deliver the message to the owner & let them know what happened."

I say, "Cool, Thanks."....

Then, I tell her, "Don't EVER get a Washington Mutual account! They're THE - WORST - BANK - EVER!!".....

She says..."I know. That's the bank the building owner uses!" [!! ?].....

W - T - F - ? - ! - ? [!!!!]

Washington Mutual can't even get their OWN shit straight!! [!! ??]

Who ARE these people?!?!?!?!?!?

Fucking stupid, yo!....

Really - fucking - stupid!!

Then...I go back online with my "temporary password".....


Doesn't work.



I'm keeping my money under my mattress.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Obsessed......? ...Uh, Prolly Not...

Ok, sooooooo, yeah. I just watched a trailer for the movie Obsessed [yes, the one with Beyonce...]


I mean, really.

W - T - F - ? - !

watch...and read more after the jump...

[a headbutt? really...? ok.... ok..... ok.]

yeah...phenomenal acting skills Ms. Knowles...

oh wait....[giggles]...there's MORE[!!]...

["You touched my chile?! You do not touch my chile!"]

Executive Producer?!?!? Really?!?!

Please...B-Money...stick with the song & dance. This works well for you.
Acting...on the other hand...not so much.

But[!!] if it IS indeed something you are truly passionate about...might I suggest getting an amazing acting coach teacher INJECTION!

Hollywood never ceases to amaze me.

[p.s. sorry about the 4 mins of that 2nd video...but I had to post it to make my point. Look on the bright least you didn't have to sit thru 2 hours of that shit and pay 38 bux to do it!]

Thursday, April 23, 2009

I.S.O: ...Me.

I needed inspiration.

For 3 or 4 days I have been asking for it....putting it out into the Universe...


and guess what...

I've been getting it.


Today, I finally watched 2 of 3 of my Netflix that have been collecting dust for the past two weeks [OB-surd! (...anyone with Netflix will tell you.)]. I Shot Andy Warhol...and In The Mirror of Maya Deren. Two absolutely inspiring films. [both the recommendation of Shine Blackhawk...thank you VERY much for the suggestions!]

Inspired thought of the evening...

That's what I want. To live life as an artist.

I am an artist....sooo...

Honestly, all I am interested in doing is traveling the world [and the Universe(s)], eating, meeting people, taking pictures, [yes. I said eating], painting, creating and engaging in new experiences, and writing about my adventures (hence, the name of the blog...dotdotdot). Gathering inspiration from interactions with other Beings, from new experiences, from music and art, from nature and the cosmos...and, along the way, inspire others to live freely and love freely...breaking people free of their false programming and inherent fears. Waking people up!
Shiiiiit[!], I'm in the process of doing it for mySelf[!], I am my own proof that it is possible. If I can do can you. No excuses.

I am a liver of Life....allowing Life [in every possible meaning...look it up, I dare you!] to give all that it has to offer. Essentially, living Life in my FULL Spirit every moment of every day...!

'Tis awesome[!] it is...

[Thank you.]

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Damn.[!] Did you have to say it like that?

So, I get this email from Actors Access [Titled: Projects match your profile...] and one of the roles that was listed cracked me up...but, at the same time made me think, "Damn.[!] Did you have to say it like that?" at the same time.

Peep game....


...Caucasian or any ethnicity other than African American.

Two things...

1st...Dear Actors Access...if my profile states that I am African American...WHY would you send me this role?

2nd...Dear Casting Agent...Damn.[!] Did you have to say it like that?
[yes, yes, I know you did...cuz that's what you're looking for. I get it, you need to be specific.]

Ok, KIA, so you're not looking for any blacks...that's cool.

But,'re audition posting made me feel a lil' pinch in my side.


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Today's Thought...

Fat people shouldn't wear cropped jean jackets.

[...or any cropped jacket for that matter.]

If you are fat, and wear cropped jackets...stop. It just makes you look fatter.

the end.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Can You Do Me A Favor, Sweetie...?

[when asked: "how good are you at sweet-talking"]

well....I depends on if I've get my red lips on....Ruby Woo makes sweet-talking obsolete. A pillowy pucker and a sly grin is all you need...[!]

Friday, April 10, 2009

A dope Haiku about a great movie...Vicky Christina Barcelona...

this is the sh*t...!

Vicky is uptight

Three artists become lovers

They go separate ways

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Escape Into the Ordinary...[?!]

I'm sad to report that a friend of mine has decided to return to the matrix...

He chose the blue pill.


(I sooo thought you would be the red pill type. Mr. Experience, Mr. Adventure, Mr. Be Free, Be Yourself, Be Authentic, Be Original. ...egad!)

...I hope Morpheus was referring to only the red pill when he said "there's no going back"...I would appreciate the company (...and the humor!) down the rabbit hole. Wonderland is fuckin' FANTASTIC!! ...and quite hilarious! [which I KNOW you already know. *wink*]

Well, whenever you decide to return, I'll still be around. We go waaaay back...many lifetimes. I remember you...

So, friend...enjoy "the ordinary"...the "less dramatic" comfort of The Illusion.

Remember...this is The Truman Show, baby.

Love you tons!! :o)


P.S. What are you so afraid of? Especially once you break the fear barrier[!]
Put on the damn suit, Hancock!
It's not that bad...really. It's not.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Random Thoughts About Things...

Well alright!

Ok, here's what's least to me....I go around all day thinking about what I want to say on my blogs. Ideas flow freely, thoughts evolve into even greater thoughts, the right words come to mind.....then.....I finally get in front of the computer and.....

*blank* [!]


This is why I need a little tape recorder on me at all times.
(tape recorder! LOL ...I feel like I just said "I need to carry an 8-track" or something!)

I have so many different thoughts running thru my brain at any given moment, I could blog for days!
[...if it weren't for the damn brain farts!]

I suppose I could just post random, videos, links to other blogs, etc, etc....but I'm not online perusing websites all day....and, for whatever reason, I feel like I should be saying something on here....but then again, maybe it's not that serious.
*shrugs & looks off to the right*

So...on to the "something"...

I've been really out of it lately...not necessarily in a bad way...but definitely in a way. I feel a bit discombobulated and out of focus. I mean, I know I'm working toward a my goals, but sometimes I feel like I need to conquer one at a time. It's all so distracting (just the thought of it all)...and which one do I choose first? I guess if I had to choose, it would be the one I'm most passionate about ( [duh!]. However, I feel like they can all be done simultaneously...if I discipline myself. I mean really, it shouldn't be this complicated.[!]

*sidebar* I want to give a shout out to Esther & Jerry Hicks....Ask and It Is Given: Ch. 4 "How Can I Get There From Here" just came on my iTunes [which is currently on random, BTW]...this is exactly what I need to hear right now! I would suggest that everyone buy this (audio)book *-*

I know it sounds strange...especially after my last statement (prior to the shout out)...but I think my real issue is that I am limiting myself by not allowing my talents to develop into whatever they may become. Apparently, somewhere in subconsciousland, I am attempting to shove myself (my art, my self-expression, etc.) into one box or another...without even realizing it [at least until now anyway *wink*]. There are a million and one different directions a person can go--especially in my "line of work" (! ha!). I am an artist. A creator. That's what I do.

The spectrum is SO can I honestly say "this is the kind of art I do...."? Hell, I don't even know what I'm capable of yet...I'm still experimenting!!

There is so much that inspires me, that I don't even know which road to go down. I am like a friggin' sponge right now. **problem is, is that I don't rush home and make art! I just stand in awe of the other creator's piece!**

I've made a conscious effort to do more art projects (whether it be painting, making clothes/accessories, writing, etc....I'm making some kind of effort).

So. What's my new favorite art project...?


I've really been enjoying discovering & tapping into my new-found style...although it's still developing, I like where it's going. [this is a blog in and of itself!]

SO...what's my lesson for the day?


Allow it (whatever it may be) to flow [completely] and don't try to contain or categorize or define the outcome. Let it be what it is.

Freedom + Creativity = Magical Goodness!

p.s. this entry was NOT one of the many that I was imaginarily writing in my head prior to blogging...isn't it funny how that works?
I give up.
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