Saturday, February 28, 2009

Did He Really Just Say That...?

Ok, so today, I'm in the Goodwill in Hollywood, treasure hunting...I'm lookin' for a pair of kick ass pants....cuz I'm a thrift store rockstar, right[!?]...


All of a sudden, this man across the rack to my right, says to me..."Do all of Hollywood's super models come to buy their outfits from this store?" this, casual, trying-to-start-a-conversation tone.

....umm...? what?...!

...Did he
really just say that?

So, I say..."excuse me?"[!]

He repeated.

...are you kidding me right now?! Does this really work for him?

Oh, and it gets better...

I say, "Umm, I'm not sure." [...?]

Still a little shocked from how dumb that line was....

He added, "Aren't you Tracy Ross?" [pause] "Diana Ross' daughter?" [pause] "...Yeah, yeah, Tracy Ross.[!]"

...I get it allll the time. Sorry, man, nothing new.

", I'm not Tracy Ross. I get that a lot, though, so..." {polite smile}

He proceeds with, "Oh, you're not. Oh, ok well..." [pause] "Do you come to this location often? I like to come here, it's my favorite one." [pause] "I come here all the time." [longer pause] "Yeah, Goodwill - Hollywood." {...I zoned out somewhere in here...} "I think it's the best one? That's why I come here. Is this the one you always come to?"


I say "Uhh...yeah, I like it. I come here from time to time. I can always find something good. Something no one else will have." and nod and nod.


Taking a few more steps to the left...



I continue to look down at the rack in front of me and sift through some of the ugliest pants in history....slightly turning my head away, shielding my facial expression with my fro, as not to hurt this man's feelings.

...DAMN[!] I wish I had my sunglasses on!

Now...still trying to focus on finding good shit...all the while trying to figure out what the hell this man was thinking prior to his utterance....where the f*ck do these lines come from?

now I'm farther away...a minute has passed...and...

"Are you always that intelligent looking?"

==========screeeeech!! {dust cloud} *poof*

All my thoughts stopped...

What the HELL kinda question IS that?!
Are you for real??

...Did he really just say that?!?!





I say, "Excuse me?" ...confused.

...confused as to what the hell would make a man say something so completely ridiculous??



My mouth said, "Yes..." {poignant pause} ""

My eyes said, "Do you realize that is quite possibly THE dumbest thing you could ever say to.........anyone?!"

My face said it all...

WTF kind of answer could you possibly expect from that bullshit, man?:

"Well, no....I usually walk around looking as dumb as a box of rocks....I only look intelligent on Fridays..."

wow. is Friday, by the way.

On other side of the rack...where this man was "looking for pants"...were, also....women's pants.

Nice try man.

Nice try.

Friday, February 27, 2009

More Readers Than Just My Mom...!

Shine passed me a message today..."Tony says, 'keep writing, you're a great writer and people are reading'..."





I'm back!...officially!

...thanks for the kind words, Tony! :o)


Question: Have you ever looked at a word...I mean really just looked at a word and discovered how funny it is? Like 'PEOPLE', for example. PEOPLE...hahaha! [ok, well, maybe I'm the only one who thinks this is funny.]

Why does "People" have an "o" in it anyway?

What's the point of silent letters? When the folks who invented written language got together, did someone say..."Heywaitaminute! Why don't we add an 'o' in the middle?!? No, don't actually say the 'o''s just for aesthetics."?

Was it a unanimous decision? ...or was there a heated debate? [Personally, I think a bout of fisticuffs would have been overreactingly amazing! ...Yes. I make up my own words and use them in made up sentences...don't judge me.]

Do they have silent characters in Japanese or Chinese? ...the one that looks like a little tent...yeah, that's a silent tent.

I never understood why some words aren't spelled phonetically, "phonetically". And, why one word can be used in different "read". Or, why there are different pronounciations for words with double-o' "good" & "food". I think English was invented to confuse people who don't speak it, but want to learn it. ...same goes for French.
And...I, of course, want to learn French...

Tres magnifique!

Thursday, February 26, 2009


I wish I had something insightful to say right now...

Unfortunately........I don't.

I'm thinking either I need to read more blogs & find out what people are talking about or just make some shit up. ...not that it really matters at this point, since I'm currently the only one who is aware that I am blogging again anyway.

I wish I had a joint right now...!!

Unfortunately.......I don't.

Currently, I'm on set, chillin', with nothing to do but hang out in the back of this Escalade and listen to iTunes radio. You would think that at a time like this, I would muster up the desire to write some prolific blog.

Unfortunately.......I'm not.


I wish I had a car charger for my laptop!

Unfortunately........I don't.

...better luck next time.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Universal Mind Control

"One should put other people's needs in front of their own."

Who started this program?!?


It just occurred to me how many of us have put others' ideals/needs/wants/desires/(I could go on & on...) in front of our own. [ included]

There is a reason why flight attendants tell you to put your mask on first before assisting others.

It's time for everyone to put their masks on.

I just did.

Oh, and the best part is [!!]...we ALL have one.


Sunday, February 22, 2009

I FINALLY SAW IT! ...Medicine For Melancholy

I've been wanting to see this movie, Medicine For Melancholy, since APRIL of LAST YEAR!!
...needless to say, I was tickled when I saw it was @ the Laemmle on Sunset.

(as Springy would say...LOL)

Total surprise.

We were going to originally see Two Lovers (I don't know a thing about this movie...I'm gonna YouTube the trailer.......later.)

We walk in and there it is! Medicine For Melancholy...PLAYING AT THE SAME TIME!...The Universe couldn't have played that one better! Bravo. Thank you!

I really digged the movie...& could totally relate. Loved the storyline; the cinematography was really added more feeling to the movie. It felt more real.
...if that feeling resonates with anyone.

Overall, the movie was dope. I would recommend it to everyone I know and anyone who may be in earshot. I hope it will be in more theaters...and for a good, long run...!

Kudos to you, Mr. Barry Jenkins, for making a splendid film.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

I'm BACK! ...FIIIIInally!

It's been a reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeealy long time since I blogged regularly. ...And much has changed since I've been on sabbatical.

I've learned so much more about myself...about my Self...and about life and what it's really all about. I can definitely say that it's been quite a ride. I can also say that I am very excited for all that is on its way to me.

First things first, I have online access EVERYWHERE...thanks Sprint!...[via computer, not cell phone...which makes it WAY more awesome!], no more excuses. I can bring my computer everywhere...along with my journal. I've decided to blog in a similar manner as I journal...minus the artwork. ...maybe.

I'm attracting a new camera into my experience, so I can get some good "life" shots to post along the way. [I'd do the whole camera-phone thing...but I have an Instinct...and yeah, it's not a great camera to say the least. But, I can say it comes in handy when I need to be incognegro.]

Ideally, I'd like to blog at least once a day. I've got a lot to share from my months off...and I'm aware that something interesting is always lurking around every corner. I very much enjoy those moments.

I've decided...or maybe discovered, depending on how I choose to look at things...that theGoldenChildAdventures is not only a blog about random thoughts and adventurous happenings as I move thru the matrix, but it's also about my internal adventure. My "self discovery". [insert "how cliche" comment here]

As I mentioned in one of my earliest blogs...(I don't recall which one at this point & I'm not interested enough to look...) writing my thoughts and experiences and posting them publicly ( there are readers or not) is very liberating. I'm also hoping that my "story" may inspire someone to open up and take a look at their own insides...and pursue their dreams...
*mush mush* lol

I miss blogging. I remember when I would sit on my couch and blog 3 and 4 times a day...about whatever the fuck. The summer of '08 was amazing. I learned A LOT about A LOT. The people around me, the circumstances, the Universe, my Self, my programs...I was like a sponge, soaking up every little drop of life I could hold. I made some amazing friends. Had some great battles...mostly internal [LOL!]...but, battles nonetheless.

I grew up...A LOT! THAAANK GOD!!

I discovered art...painting. I deleted a shitload of internal programs that weren't serving me. I learned how to let shit go and keep on pushin'.

Most importantly, I learned how to live in the moment. Not in the past, not in the future...(where I'd been hiding most of my life). It's all about the infinite's all we ever have. The past is only memories, and the future is only a concept. The present is the only thing that remains constant...


Friday, February 20, 2009

The Jumper...

made me feel very uncomfortable.

I'm watching the movie...all awe of all the places this dude is traveling to. I'm thinking to my self "Aww, shit! If I had a super power..."

watching more...

Then I thought, "Aww, how beautiful...he's bringing his girl..."

watching more... got uncomfortable.
The 19-year old "love" scene.

ARRRH! (*while covering my eyes and turning my head*)

...I feel old.
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