Sunday, February 22, 2009

I FINALLY SAW IT! ...Medicine For Melancholy

I've been wanting to see this movie, Medicine For Melancholy, since APRIL of LAST YEAR!!
...needless to say, I was tickled when I saw it was @ the Laemmle on Sunset.

(as Springy would say...LOL)

Total surprise.

We were going to originally see Two Lovers (I don't know a thing about this movie...I'm gonna YouTube the trailer.......later.)

We walk in and there it is! Medicine For Melancholy...PLAYING AT THE SAME TIME!...The Universe couldn't have played that one better! Bravo. Thank you!

I really digged the movie...& could totally relate. Loved the storyline; the cinematography was really added more feeling to the movie. It felt more real.
...if that feeling resonates with anyone.

Overall, the movie was dope. I would recommend it to everyone I know and anyone who may be in earshot. I hope it will be in more theaters...and for a good, long run...!

Kudos to you, Mr. Barry Jenkins, for making a splendid film.

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