Monday, January 12, 2009

The Cosmic Joke is Fucking HILARIOUS!

...some discoveries are bullshit...
not the validity...but the ACTUAL discovery.
this one makes some things a lot more clear and even simpler.
but it also fucks me up a lil bit...well, a lot a bit.

I don't exactly know how this one is going to affect me or the people around me. But let me just say that this is some character building shit!

Let me also say that...I'm not mad. I actually feel good about it. Really. It's just a bit shocking that's all. It does take off a lot of pressure right now tho. I'm 99.3% okay with it. So. Yeah.

Aaaahhh. I feel like I can breathe better.

Peace, Love & Light!


Friday, January 2, 2009


2009 is the year of receiving IT ALL!
I'm EXTREMELY excited for this year!

Thank you to everyone and every experience in '08!

'09 is MINE!
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