Friday, February 27, 2009

More Readers Than Just My Mom...!

Shine passed me a message today..."Tony says, 'keep writing, you're a great writer and people are reading'..."





I'm back!...officially!

...thanks for the kind words, Tony! :o)


Question: Have you ever looked at a word...I mean really just looked at a word and discovered how funny it is? Like 'PEOPLE', for example. PEOPLE...hahaha! [ok, well, maybe I'm the only one who thinks this is funny.]

Why does "People" have an "o" in it anyway?

What's the point of silent letters? When the folks who invented written language got together, did someone say..."Heywaitaminute! Why don't we add an 'o' in the middle?!? No, don't actually say the 'o''s just for aesthetics."?

Was it a unanimous decision? ...or was there a heated debate? [Personally, I think a bout of fisticuffs would have been overreactingly amazing! ...Yes. I make up my own words and use them in made up sentences...don't judge me.]

Do they have silent characters in Japanese or Chinese? ...the one that looks like a little tent...yeah, that's a silent tent.

I never understood why some words aren't spelled phonetically, "phonetically". And, why one word can be used in different "read". Or, why there are different pronounciations for words with double-o' "good" & "food". I think English was invented to confuse people who don't speak it, but want to learn it. ...same goes for French.
And...I, of course, want to learn French...

Tres magnifique!

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