Thursday, April 23, 2009

I.S.O: ...Me.

I needed inspiration.

For 3 or 4 days I have been asking for it....putting it out into the Universe...


and guess what...

I've been getting it.


Today, I finally watched 2 of 3 of my Netflix that have been collecting dust for the past two weeks [OB-surd! (...anyone with Netflix will tell you.)]. I Shot Andy Warhol...and In The Mirror of Maya Deren. Two absolutely inspiring films. [both the recommendation of Shine Blackhawk...thank you VERY much for the suggestions!]

Inspired thought of the evening...

That's what I want. To live life as an artist.

I am an artist....sooo...

Honestly, all I am interested in doing is traveling the world [and the Universe(s)], eating, meeting people, taking pictures, [yes. I said eating], painting, creating and engaging in new experiences, and writing about my adventures (hence, the name of the blog...dotdotdot). Gathering inspiration from interactions with other Beings, from new experiences, from music and art, from nature and the cosmos...and, along the way, inspire others to live freely and love freely...breaking people free of their false programming and inherent fears. Waking people up!
Shiiiiit[!], I'm in the process of doing it for mySelf[!], I am my own proof that it is possible. If I can do can you. No excuses.

I am a liver of Life....allowing Life [in every possible meaning...look it up, I dare you!] to give all that it has to offer. Essentially, living Life in my FULL Spirit every moment of every day...!

'Tis awesome[!] it is...

[Thank you.]

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