Saturday, April 18, 2009

Damn.[!] Did you have to say it like that?

So, I get this email from Actors Access [Titled: Projects match your profile...] and one of the roles that was listed cracked me up...but, at the same time made me think, "Damn.[!] Did you have to say it like that?" at the same time.

Peep game....


...Caucasian or any ethnicity other than African American.

Two things...

1st...Dear Actors Access...if my profile states that I am African American...WHY would you send me this role?

2nd...Dear Casting Agent...Damn.[!] Did you have to say it like that?
[yes, yes, I know you did...cuz that's what you're looking for. I get it, you need to be specific.]

Ok, KIA, so you're not looking for any blacks...that's cool.

But,'re audition posting made me feel a lil' pinch in my side.


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