Thursday, April 9, 2009

Escape Into the Ordinary...[?!]

I'm sad to report that a friend of mine has decided to return to the matrix...

He chose the blue pill.


(I sooo thought you would be the red pill type. Mr. Experience, Mr. Adventure, Mr. Be Free, Be Yourself, Be Authentic, Be Original. ...egad!)

...I hope Morpheus was referring to only the red pill when he said "there's no going back"...I would appreciate the company (...and the humor!) down the rabbit hole. Wonderland is fuckin' FANTASTIC!! ...and quite hilarious! [which I KNOW you already know. *wink*]

Well, whenever you decide to return, I'll still be around. We go waaaay back...many lifetimes. I remember you...

So, friend...enjoy "the ordinary"...the "less dramatic" comfort of The Illusion.

Remember...this is The Truman Show, baby.

Love you tons!! :o)


P.S. What are you so afraid of? Especially once you break the fear barrier[!]
Put on the damn suit, Hancock!
It's not that bad...really. It's not.

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