Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I'm officially a real life gypsy.

I have since left my friends lovely home in the quiet Paris suburb of Cachan, to...of all things...end up...

Couch Surfing.

Let me just say...



I've been forced [knowingly and consciously] to trust in the Universe and allow my life to literally develop right before my eyes.

I began this authentic gypsy lifestyle last week, Thursday night. After working my first night at one of the coolest bars in Paris, not knowing where I was going to sleep the following evening, I was sent an angel...with an available couch.


So here's basically how it went...

I returned to Cachan after I got off work...uh, at 6am...and crashed for my last night [which was, by that time, really Thursday morning]. After "sleeping" for the "night" [...I hardly consider 3.5hrs of sleep, waking up at 10am after an all night shift, a "good nights sleep" LOL], I finished packing my suitcases, at a nice lunch and Nespresso-ed a purple capsule [anyone who knows about Nespresso, the purple cap has a "strength" level of 9...GOOD MORNING!].

Upon my what-is-my-new-life-adventure-going-to-be-like reflection, and chat with, Fetta, my friend's nanny, as I awaited official confirmation of my couch, I made a call to Shine & had one last chit chat before my adventure began. [I had no idea when I was going to have access to another "fixed" line, cuz my cell is prepaid...and an hour+ of .55c/min chitting is not in this gypsy's current budget! ...and we're talking Euros folks...]

The few days prior to leaving my friend's place, I had been pretty scared of what the unknown would bring. It truly took effort for me to continually shift my thinking and feeling toward what I wanted to experience...rather than seeing myself sitting in some random phone booth with all my shit in the rainy Paris winter...which could have been very real...if I chose that thought.

For [especially] those few days before, I really shifted my beliefs of what "was" and what could be. I literally had to give up trying to "figure it all out", and allow what I believed the Universe to be...be. And, trust It.

So, I trusted.

Around 3:45 [aka 15h45 cuz I'm in France] Thursday afternoon, I got my confirmation on the couch.

It's ON and poppin!

The Universe has delivered.

After the "ok" on the couch, not only did I manifest a RIDE to my next destination...as opposed to lugging all my shit on the Metro...I was also able to see my friend's all together before I left their house and eat a delicious din din.

I was happy.

I spent the next 2 nights on a couch in Vanves, another Parisian suburb...pretty much a lateral move from Cachan. Great place, great couch, great new friend.

Time for more purposeful creating..."I want to be IN Paris."

I've been in the suburbs since I've been here, only visiting Paris during the days and for an occasional night out. It was time for me to really do the Paris thing.

Knowing I had until Sunday night on the Vanves couch, Saturday morning, I sent 2 couch surfing requests on CouchSurfing.com, and set off into Paris to do godknowswhat. While on the metro, after downing a sandwich from the boulangerie, I decided to go to sit on the steps of Sacre Coeur and look over the city.

When I arrived in 18th, it was the usually 38 million tourists crawling the streets like vermin. I busted thru the crowds, iPod blaring Jimi Hendrix in my ears, and headed toward the church that doesn't recognize shorts as appropriate. [read about that here.]
After being harassed by street vendors, I finally managed my way to the top of the steps. I found a nice corner and lit my black clove. I watched the crows, the tourists, the sky and the city. Jimi really makes for a great life soundtrack, let me tell you. I looked out into the wild gray yonder and envisioned living IN Paris. Twenty minutes or so had passed when I got a text saying "Are U still searching un coach for tonight? Flo (from CS)"

Oui. [!!]

and, again....

It's ON and poppin!

The Universe has delivered.

more to come from this developing story...


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  1. isnt the Unknown refreshing! Not knowing what i was going to do from day to day in NY (when i was squatting in a vacant apt i.e. homeless)

    its an indescribable freedom! enjoy it!

    :) Miss You!



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