Sunday, January 10, 2010

It's Shit...Let It GO!!

Yesterday, I went to hammam for the first time ever. Pretty amazing experience.

For those of you who are not familiar with hammam, is like a Turkish bath house...but found in many more countries than Turkey. It's a place where one goes to relax, release, and revitalize. Hammam is a great way to detoxify and shed your old skin [literally] and come out feeling brand new.

Now that everyone is caught up, let's get down to the point of this entry.

After yesterday's repose and external shedding. Today, I'm continuing to feel the effects and letting go of my internal garbage. Not only am I noticing an immediate change in my eating habits, what I'm craving, what I'm not...but also, I'm feeling my insides kicking out all the junk. Not to get all "digestive process" on you, but, trust me, it's for good reason. It's all part of the modus operandi...the way of working.

I know I'm in the midst of a major life is changing rapidly [and for the better]. And part of this evolution comes shedding old shit and creating space for the new [shit] <--and I mean that in absolutely the most positive sense.
In my releasing, a thought came to my mind.

When we take a shit...if we could just attach all the "junk" to it...we could really let it [whatever it is] go.

Like the shit it is.

I mean, really...are you gonna go back and eat that shit again because it used to be food?

So, why would you go back to an old relationship that wasn't serving you? A lifestyle that didn't nourish your mind, body and soul? Old feelings or experiences that made you sick?

I think I'm on to something.

Many of us, for whatever reason, hold on to old thoughts, feelings, experiences, ideas, beliefs, and what-have-yous because we find some odd comfort in it. We use these things as our excuses, our limits, our this, our that and we wonder why shit's not moving and why we're feeling sick, slow, tired and a gamut of other sludgery*.
[*yes, I make up words. Isn't that what language is anyway? A bunch of made up words to describe something? yes. Now move on.]

In allowing mySelf to feel Brand New for the first time in a long time, I've realized that I had a lot of shit to let go...and it felt fucking great to do it! The best part is, when you let it go...I mean really let it go, you feel amazing. You no longer feel full of shit. You feel deliciously empty and ready for something more nourishing. You allow your consciousness to extract the vitamins and minerals from your experiences in life and digest the rest of it and sort out the shit it doesn't need...and release. With a single flush, you're left feeling fresh and ready to move forward on to the next part of your experience. You may even relish in the relief for a moment or two, but after that, you don't think about it again. I mean really, no one ever says [at least to my knowledge], "Man, I had this great shit back in December of '83. Woah, man did it ever feel good!"
No one.

So, with that not-so-pretty-but-oh-so-relevant description of letting go...

Let it go.
and REALLY let it go.




  1. I'm flushing.

    Great words... I'm looking forward to going to a Turkish bath... Just a few days ago, my bf told me that he'll take me to one in Turkey that all his aunts go to.

  2. you definitely ARE onto something! inspirational words.


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