Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring Cleaning...[!]

It's obvious that I haven't written in a I won't mention it.

Alors !
[I'm SO becoming French...and LOVING it !]

Today begins the purging of old shit to allow for the new.


ring Cleaning !!

Since I've been in Paris, I've accumulated a lot of stuff.
New stuff.
Which means, it's time for some of the old stuff to go. Not only physically...cuz my bags are as heavy as an elephant with a brick on it's back...but, also energetically.

A few days ago, [March 20th, the first day of Spring, to be exact] I made a visit to the cemetery in Bagneux [a suburb of Paris, where I'm currently staying]. I went with the intention to lay to rest my old self and my old feelings and beliefs in order to allow the new & improved Me to flourish.

It was quite an experience, let me tell you. The energy in this cemetery was like none other I've ever encountered before. It was eerily magical. [Aside from the fact I literally realized a night dream I had about this experience...far out, man. Faaaaar out!!]

The ritual was simple and intuitive. Before I left the house, I dressed in all black, smoked a bowl, prepared my eulogy, and set off on my bike and headed for the cemetery. When I made my way thru the entrance, I felt the energy shift...I entered a vortex, an alternate universe. All I can say is, "Wow".
From that point forward, I just followed my intuition and allowed it to guide me along the empty roads to the plot where I would bury "the Old Me".

Let me just say, that I WISH I could've had a video camera installed in my brain, my eyes as the lens, and recorded the whole scenario, thoughts and feelings included, for all of you to see and experience. It was un truc de ouf ["a crazy thing"], vraiment...wowsers.

After the burial, laying to rest all that no longer served me & my higher purpose, I created a "headstone" out of bits of earth I collected from the site. A plot marker, just for me. As I headed out of the cemetery, I came across a trash bin with some very alive plants thrown inside. I reached in the bin and pulled out two of the little bushes, put them in the basket of my bike and headed for the "door".

I entered the cemetery to bury the dead, and exited with new life [and a HUGE smile].

Happy Spring, everyone !!

I Love you.

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