Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Unlearning Fear, Remembering Love.

"Love is what we are born with. Fear is what we have learned here. The spiritual journey is the unlearning of fear and the acceptance of love back into our hearts."
- Marianne Williamson

Unlearning fear is not the easiest thing to do, let me tell you; but, it IS, in fact, possible!
It does take some work, however...spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical. Along with this work, we also have to allow room for personal growth--and, when we are willing to do these things, it is then, and only then, when we are ready to know Love.

We can think that we are fearless in our minds, and maybe even feel like we can do anything...but until we actually take the step and DO IT...the rest means nothing.

Our Spirit already knows freedom. It knows what It wants, why It's here, and what It's supposed to do. The only thing that ever prevents us from actualizing the freedom we are seeking in our lives, is us. All the while, in our quest for freedom, we are asking questions, searching for our true selves, but we forget that all we have to do is ask our Spirit for the answers--they're already there!

Ask and you shall receive.
Ask and it is given.
All you gotta do,
Is shut the hell up and listen.

So, when we find ourselves stuck in the thinking and feeling stage, but not moving toward being fearless and free in our lives, that's when we call on our Spirit for help. We are in such a rush for a "quick fix" in life, that we go to the ends of the Earth frantically searching for the one thing that we carry with us the whole way...and we do it completely unaware.

There is NOTHING out there for you.


No thing.

Everything that is for you is IN there.

IN you.

It is YOU that creates the "some thing".

And, it's that "something" that is what you bring to the world...for the world.

This is what we have become afraid of.
We're afraid of ourselves!
Afraid of our own uniqueness!

But, this is what makes each one of us special...and like no other.

You are the only one who can be your Self. No one else can play
your role in your life better than you can. Whatever it is that you choose to be, how ever it is you choose to be, and who ever you choose to's up to you to be good at it. It's up to you to decide what kind of you you are. No one else can do it for you.

It's that simple.

When you create your life...create out of Love, not fear...then you will know and understand the beauty that is within you.

...and you will never be afraid again.

Remember YOU and remember Love.

choose happiness.


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