Saturday, January 29, 2011

Working Thru Resistance...

I'm currently feeling an incredible resistance in moving forward with pretty much everything in my life right now...especially my music.

I can't tell you what exactly is holding me in this spot...but whatever it is [fear], it's strong.  It's crazy.
I've been attempting to write my bio for [at least] a month now and every time I get to the page to begin, I stare at the blinking cursor and my mind shoots directly into outer space.  There's a part of me that is resisting because I don't like writing about myself...another part of me is resisting the same way I resist when it comes to writing a resume [it's an arduous task for me, I detest doing stuff like that]...and then there's something in me that has my hands and mind energetically tied.  
A friend of mine even offered to write my bio for me (which I was excited about and I absolutely appreciate), but shortly thereafter, the Universe delivers me a message "No one can write your life story better than you."


Now I really have to write this damn thing.


You would think it would be easy, but it's not. 
Not for me anyway.

All that runs thru my mind is "Why the hell do I need a bio anyway? Can't I just say that I'm from a galaxy far, far away and let that be it?"

So, there's that.

As I write this, my guides tell me that "Yes, I can...It's YOUR bio...say whatever you want!"

I realize that my hang up is "What will other people think? Those who 'know' me?" [Well, I know better than that! Let people say whatever they want.  At the end of the day, no one really knows me better than me.  I don't need to appease the masses with something that would make them feel more comfortable with something I'm saying or doing ESPECIALLY when it's about ME!]

::*side note*:: I just realized after reading the above paragraph, that this "dilemma" is all a head game.  My [egos] imagination has gone so far as to attach the idea that someone else find my bio unacceptable...when in fact, there IS NO "someone else"! It stems from a negative subconscious program of feeling inadequate.  When in fact, I know that I am always good enough...I am a divine being, here to create my own experience based on my own desires. ::*end side note*::

So, my bio's gonna be creative, beautiful, and from my heart. 
If it's not good enough for anyone other than me...fuckit!'s gonna be good enough for me!

This is how I work thru my resistance.

Thanks for reading!

kiss kiss bang bang!



  1. If you share it, I look forward to reading it. Your vulnerability will be inspiring for others.


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