Thursday, July 3, 2008

Celebrating A Re-Birthday...

My birthday is Saturday (the 5th for those keeping track! LOL), initially I thought I would just spend the day doing whatever I want (which I still will) but may or may not "celebrate" with friends. But, today, I've realized that I will be not only celebrating the anniversary of my great entrance onto this planet (thanks, Mom!)...I will be celebrating my rebirth.

Over the last week, I've had so many good things happen to me. I was able to have my chakras realigned (for free!), I've been treated like a princess, I've met some amazing people with amazing journeys, I've eaten AMAZING Authentic Mongolian Cuisine!...and I've freed myself from my own drama...I've finally dropped "the Story". And this shit feels good! I have finally experienced euphoria...bliss. This is such an amazing feeling. I am cracking the cocoon! A butterfly will be born Saturday, July 5th, 2008!

So, today I celebrate my liberation from my "self" and celebrate joy itself. This is a great start heading into a birthday, is it not...?!! ;)

I'm going to buy myself a tiara today & special order a cupcake.


(as Jimi plays in the background "Excuse me while I kiss the sky...")
and I'm wearing my Hendrix tee right now!

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  1. og anonymy7/5/08, 5:59 PM

    Happy Birfday! Stay outta trouble as you celebrate you new birf!


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