Friday, October 16, 2009

A Perfect Friday Night...

A perfect Friday night would be...

Me and you.
Watching the rest of the movie in bed on your MacBook.
[gotta love it]

It's raining.
The window's open just a bit to allow the smoke to clear the room.
The shutters are closed just enough so the neighbor's can't see.

We lay on opposite sides of the screen...
each tucked under the down blanket.
and watch together.

I stroke your hair...
and kiss your forehead.

You whisper when you talk during the movie.
Just like in the theater.
[I think it's so cute]

After the movie ends.
You put your MacBook on the chair next to the bed.
I move over to the warm spot.

You put your arm around me.
I ask for un petit bisou

And then...

We wait.

[this is an inside joke]


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