Monday, October 5, 2009

Ready....Set.....WAIT...!! [??]

My life has taken an interesting twist since Saturday night. I'm still putting it all together, not quite sure what it all means. Furthermore, I'm not quite sure I'm interpreting all the signs correctly either. But, the more I reflect on things, the more interesting the story is becoming.

It may still be a bit too early to say, but I write what I feel...especially in the journal I carry with me. This afternoon, on my way to the wifi cafe, I wrote in my journal the following:

I'm ready to leave Paris.
For how long, I don't know.
If a short period or forever, doesn't bother me.
I'm ready to continue my journey. Let's see what happens next.
I say this with a light spirit. I am happy and content as I write.
I'm feeling the urge to move again.
The gypsy is antsy.

Ok, so what. I want to see what else is "out there" for me. This is not unnatural for me. The part I find interesting is what my horoscope says today:

Monday, Oct 5th, 2009 -- Your priorities shift today as the Moon enters your 11th House of Groups. Even if you have been trying to get ahead of the pack, now you are ready to take a more anonymous role. Make yourself comfortable by letting go of concerns that are tied to yesterday's hectic pace. Consider what others want before making any important decisions about your future.

Ok, so what...horoscopes are just for fun, right? They don't mean much...right? Well, not necessarily....and especially after what I experienced this weekend. I'm not the one to live my life by my horoscope, but the last sentence hit me. When something resonates with my inner Being, I listen.

I have recently entered my initiation period...with Spirit. When she speaks, I listen. I can't say that I fully understand everything she's telling me...this is where my work, my practice comes in. Learning to see the signs, know her voice, and listen.

Saturday's full moon was just the beginning.

Sunday, even though completely exhausted, I did a lot of reflection on the happenings of the previous eve. Putting together in my mind, all that was said, all that was felt, all that was experienced. There was one link that I could not interpret until today...a particular song that played Saturday night...a song so [seemingly] random in the mix, that at the moment I knew it was a message especially for me.

"WTF?" I thought.

I looked up the lyrics today, and.....yeah.

theGoldenChild is nervous.

stay tuned.

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