Wednesday, August 6, 2008

F-in' Awesome!

I must say how amazed I am...! I appreciate the fact that I haven't written a new blog in forevs & more ppl are reading! Thanks to all of you!

I will be writing very very soon! I have so much to life has changed exponentially in the last month and a half and is STILL changing! I'm gonna have to write a book or something LOL!

Love ya!



  1. Oh yes. I hope my patience will have paid off! I have been checking back but I didn't want to turn into a pest. I am excited to hear what has been up in your life.

  2. That was me who previously posted, I am being verrry patient....still.

  3. me tooo. how is the bass? you rock.

  4. Alright now!! What has been up with you?! I cannot wait anymore!


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