Saturday, August 30, 2008

Manifestation At Its Finest!

I am all about Universal Consciousness and living the life you so choose.
So, this week, I manifested some awesomeness. I found myself on the set of Common's new video. It was a 2-day shoot in LA. Not only did I get to meet Common, but I also met Hype Williams and Pharrell. All 3 artists who I respect very much. Can I just say, that all three were cool as a fuckin fan! Awesome Beings with great energy (and handsome as they wanna be!).

I don't write this to boast about the "celebrities" I meet. Cuz, I could give a damn about fame. I share this because, I was able to manifest an encounter that I desired. I put it out into the Universe and watched it happen.

Besides meeting 2 amazing musicians and a phenomenal director, I met some other very beautiful folks...and learned a lot about myself in the process. This was the first time some things really "clicked" for me. I was able to see things in others that I once carried myself. I was able to do some healing for myself and help others in the process. My journey is constantly changing and I am evolving much more quickly as I encounter new situations. For this I am sooo thankful.

I have to give kudos to MIC as well. We put it out there & both ended up on set & made some great connections! Good job love! I'm so SO happy you were there.
Also, I must give thanks to my girl, Shine. You rock! And will now rock with a musical genius! I can't wait until you start recording your album! You are truly amazing, darling!

Many thanks to both of you for being such a great support for me and partners in crime...or shall I in consciousness! Love you mucho!!

This weeks lesson: Nothing is impossible. Put it out there and let the Universe do its thang!

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