Monday, August 25, 2008

Finally...A Blog! Ha!

Yeah, it's been a miiiiiiiiiinute...but, for good reason!
I've been essentially "working on myself" for the past few months. It's turned out to be a really good thing. I've missed writing, but wasn't in the right space (mentally or emotionally) to blog. But, I'm back now! All jazzy and full of awesomeness!

So, I know there's been a lot of what-the-fuck-has-she-been-doing-all-this-goddamn-time goin around (yes, I'm talking to you OG! LOL), but I can definitely say that I am a different person from the last "real" blog I wrote. (and I'm still changing, mind you! It's all for the better, TRUST me!)

I've broken a lot of records...not in an Olympic sense, but in a you're-fucking-up-your-life-by-thinking-this-way sense...namely how I saw & treated myself and allowed others to treat me. Needless to say, the blogs about the guy I was infatuated with once upon a time, will be no more. I broke that fucked-up record back in July, and BOY OH BOY was THAT liberating!! I've even got video of the day that I did it (no, he's not starring in it, sorry folks! But that woulda been sweeeeet!). I like to look back on it and think about how much my self-worth & self-esteem shot thru the roof that day! It was 2 days before my birthday & it couldn't have come at a better time. I knew it was long overdue & I'm proud of myself for accomplishing such a milestone in my life. I literally broke a pattern that I had since I knew what boys were (, yeah that was a long time!).

In the last few months, I've discovered a new talent (and something I was always meant to do)...PAINTING (art, not houses!). I'm really enjoying it and I've found that I'm pretty good at it too! I'll post some of it eventually. I'm working on a website and few other things.

**ok, so I'm sitting at the Coffee Bean on Sunset & swear I just saw Ben Stiller walk in...double take...yeah, not so much. His ears are too small, he's 3 inches too tall and looks like a Brit**

...back to our regularly scheduled program...

uhhh, oh...ok, so yeah, I'm painting, creating, and doing a ton of yoga (for free too!). Can I just say, that yoga has sculpted my body so deliciously that I'm pretty impressed. I can't stay outta the mirror! Woo-hoo! I recommend it to anyone.
Ok, enough about me...

Now, back to me...(laughing)
While I was "in the trenches" working on my Frankenstein (but way sexier and not so stiff), I thought about how I wanted to return to blogging. Which direction did I want to go...what did I want to say...or not say...what I wanted to talk about...etc, etc. I've discovered that as I'm writing now, I'd like to go with a no-holds-barred approach. Write exactly what the fuck I feel like! (...and spell out all the curse words! ahhhh! that feels good :-> ) I know my family reads my blogs, and at one point it crossed my mind, "do I want them to know all that??"...but now I say "fuckit, why not. If it's on the innanet, it ain't no secret!" LOL

[Dear Perverts,
I'm not saying I'm posting my entire sex life detail by detail on my blog. But I may make reference to a lil' sumthin' sumthin' here and there. It is, after all, part of theGoldenChild Adventures!]

Also, I am changing my comment posting more "Anonymous" posts...(as to avoid further stalker comments and dumb people - of which I don't publish). Sorry, OG, but you know how the saying bad apple... [you can always create an OpenID, if you still want to cocmment]

And, to all of you who don't like my blog...I could give a flying frisbee! If you don't like it, do us both a favor, stop reading. Why bother with the 2 minutes it takes to write a comment I'm not going to post. Eventho you're secretly in love with my ramblings, there is no need to waste both of our time. ; ) Thanks!

With that said, I'm going to write as often as I can (for those of you who do get a kick out of my shit). However, since I currently owe Time Warner some greenbacks, it won't be as often as I'd like. I'm presently hustlin' some free Wi-Fi from the coffee shop - WHICH I might say has gotten me some interesting experiences, delicious coffee and new friends. So, even after I pay up, I may keep on keepin' on the innanet hustle!

Thanks, y'all, for being so patient. I look forward to writing more ramblings and stories - and reading your comments!

Peace, Love & Light!


  1. where is free yoga?

  2. [to IAYAY:] There is free yoga is in Runyon Canyon park in Hollywood.


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