Sunday, November 15, 2009


From Love,
I created you.
I imagined you.
I wrote a list of all the things that I wanted you to be.
I dreamt of you.

You appeared.

I was surprised, to say the least.
Because you are perfect.
You are beautiful inside and out.
From head to toe.

Your eyes shine like jewels in the sun.
Your heart is as expansive as the Universe.
Your soul glows a golden light.
Your voice resonates peace and tranquility.

You are kind and gentile.
You are generous and selfless.
You are loving and affectionate.
You are compassionate and considerate.

Our souls met eons ago.
We have traveled many lifetimes together.
We have created together.
I know who you are.

You are a god.
You are a creator.
You are Love manifested.

My heart felt joy and shone brighter than the sun.
All I wanted to do was love you,
To stroke your hair,
Caress your skin,
And tell you everything will be alright.


From fear,
I created, too.
I was afraid of being hurt,
As I had been many times before.

I invented excuses,
And reasons why.
I tried to find flaws, real ones.
But I couldn't.
I know your circumstances aren't perfect,
So my fear used that as leverage.

My heart wanted to move beyond it,
Because I know your burdens will end soon.
But your fears came in and joined mine,
And they created together.

We separated from each other.
We needed "space".
I cried.
My heart was broken.
I felt the pain that I expected,
That I feared would come about.

I got mad at you.
I blamed you for being caught up in the outside world.
I tried to point the finger, but
I created this, too.


I see, clearly,
Our abilities as god and goddess.
We can create our lives as we see it,
As we want.
Or we can create our lives otherwise.

From this moment,
I have decided to re-create.
I have chosen to return to my original intention,

I see you, again.
Your smile.
Your Light.
Your heart.
Your soul.

Love conquers all.
Love has conquered my fear.
My hope is that it has conquered yours too.



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