Sunday, March 8, 2009


I had the pleasure of being on set of Kanye West's RoboCop video this week.


Let me just begin by saying...the Universe is f*cking awesome! ...and THANK YOU! I manifested some great shit!

I'm definitely a fan of Yeezy's music. Graduation was in heavy rotation last summer...[fall & winter too, shit!]. I find his music very inspiring and he is an extremely talented musician to say the least. Bravo, Ye!

Anyway, I got to play make-up assistant to my best pal, Shine Blackhawk (who, by the way, is a fucking Rockstar!) for the 3-day shoot. This is offically the 2nd Hype Williams set I've been on which is always a delight. Hype is a fucking genius! The video concept was dope...Kanye's storyboards were sick ( I wish I'd taken photos of them for a later addition to this post...but I didn't even think of it until just now! [plus, I was a little nervous taking pictures in the first place, but I along the way, I relaxed and got some great shots! --which will be posted AFTER the official release of the video!])

The whole thing was shot with a green screen, so I can only imagine the dopeness that is to come.


The video star. playing the role of the femmebot RoboCop, was Kanye's new flame, Amber Rose. And, I can honestly say that she is one of THE coolest, sweetest, and most genuinely authentic people I have ever met. She is a Bad-Ass Bitch, yo! (And gorgeous, too!)

The two of them have such a great chemistry together...Kanye totally lights up in her presence (& vice versa).

I digress...

Apparently the video is due out in early April, so it will be a hot minute before I can post the behind the scene pix...but in the meantime...


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