Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What Kind Of Fuckery Is This...?

Okay, kiddies. I gotta take a moment to vent.

I'm a tad bit frustrated, slightly disappointed, and bored outta my ever-lovin' mind! [*ever-lovin'...a tribute to 1980s network broadcast sensorship......fuckers!]

So, as I discovered soon after I moved to Paris, during the month of August, 98.3% of the Parisian population take their happy asses on month-long vacations to the countryside (or wherever the fuck they go), abandoning the city, leaving it to hordes of over-enthusiastic tourists.

....thus the root of my not-so-super-excited feelings of the moment.

I love Paris...don't get me wrong....it's a beautiful city. But, I'm bored. A ton of stores & restaurants [mostly the good ones] are closed, the museums & "points of interest" are crawling...CRAWLING!...with tourists [ick] and the night life is lack luster at best. *ARGH!*
And, since I don't really know anyone here [and if I did, they'd probably be out of town anyway...], I'm not privy to all the cool little local joints around town [which are probably closed for the month, too!] [!!!] and I have yet to find the website/blog with the right information.

♪♫♬ ...And I stilllllllll haven't fouuuuuund what I'm looking fooooorrrrrrrrrrr... ♪♫♬

Unfortunately for me, I'm not the one for aimless wandering. I find it pointless and after a while, my feet start to hurt. So, I don't do much of it. Also, I'm pretty bummed that I can't rent a Velib [bikes that are available all over the city] because they don't take MasterCard.


I'd SO much rather bike aimlessly...at least riding a bike is fun (and you can cover more ground!).


The fact is, I'm really just anxious for life to get going. I didn't expect the city to be so dead. I was really looking forward to meeting a bunch of folks, building new friendships and SPEAKING FUCKING FRENCH! [which I am, but it's slow going seeing as though I don't have many people to practice with.....ah well, so much for immersion! *sigh*]

There are times where I find myself feeling a bit disheartened and disenchanted...which, I KNOW, is not at all helpful in manifesting the things I want, so that's why I have to get this out before it festers and materializes into something less desirable.

Well, I can say the one good thing about feeling this way is that it makes me want to do something wild and insanley ridiculous to shake things up a bit. Ahhhh, tomorrow....this will be my first opportunity to partake in some sort of fuckery that will lift my spirits and shake this shit off! ...I'm gonna have to get creative.



  1. It's always a little like that when moving to a new city. Stick with it!

  2. september soon come and Paris will be back soon!


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