Friday, February 22, 2008

Badda Bing!!

I got my answer today!  I'm going to go about this whole thing the smart way (duh!)...I'm gonna do both!  The job will fund the line!  It's not rocket science, i know.  But the way i got my answer gave me more clarity about my situation. 

For some reason, i thought i would have to find the perfect job or start my own shit. But really, i've decided that i need to do what it takes.  Get a job to have a paycheck. if i don't embody the customer that i'm designing for, no biggie! as long as i "get it" and can perform accordingly, I'll do what i want when i get home!

So, i wrote out my new plan & I am very pleased.

Thanks, CJ, for the answer i needed to hear today.  Like I said, I'm a bit heart broken, but I know it's for the best!  We'll collab when the time is right!!

I'm going to go meditate now.

Trust :: Abundance :: Transformation :: Courage

it's working.

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