Saturday, February 23, 2008

Eye Foto

it's 3AM. Don't ask.

I've always wondered why some people say, "It's 3AM in the morning." ... as opposed to...???

For the last, hmm, about 4 hours, I've been searching the net for inspiration photos for my design portfolio.  I think I have some pretty good options to start.  I've realized (not now, but a long time ago) that I should have taken the opportunity to hone my web searching skills when I was an intern in college.  

Back in the day (...saying 'back in the day' makes me feel old for some reason! kind of like when your parents are about to tell you a story about when they used to walk 86 miles to school in 50 feet of snow, up hill both ways...), I would literally sit in front of a computer for 8 hours a day with not a thing to do. Bored out of my ever lovin' mind!  And instead of researching random things & gathering loads of useful (and/or useless) information...I checked my email 11 thousand times.  It's not that I was a local celebrity and had a constant influx of unanswered fan mail. No. I was hoping that a new & interesting message would suddenly pop into my inbox and entertain me for the moment.

I would try to do homework, but because I had no other options to distract me, I didn't do that either.  I'm kind of strange like that.  If i don't have at least ONE option to do something else besides the task at hand (which was usually something i didn't want to do in the first place) I wouldn't do whatever that task was (usually it was homework)!  It was the ultimate form of procrastination (with a hint of brattiness!).  Hell, I even transferred colleges because i didn't have any other options to distract me from my studies!  What's that about? Aaah, youth! 

Gmail Alert! Ooh! My horoscope just popped up...let's see what it says:

Cancer Horoscope (June 21 - Jul 22)
You could suffer a bit of depression now as you consider how to make your relationships happier and more supportive. It's not that anything is so bad; it's just that you are determined to get what you want, even if your current satisfaction seems far away. Soften your stance and judge yourself less harshly while you consider all your options.

...umm, yeah.  ok.  i guess.

I'm not quite sure this one is relevant to my current situation.  I guess that happens from time to time.  But then again, its only 3 and a half ours into the day, so...

BTW, i'm pretty sure i have ADD.


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