Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Thanks Ouig!

Greetings!  Today i was turned onto blog spot by my boy Ouigi (originator of The Brooklyn Circus & the BKc ... check out their blogs @ theBKcircus).  Thanks man!!  (i'm awaiting the photos we took a few hours ago so i can post them!)

Anyway, I'm excited to be here, blogging...something i would do from time to time on myspace (throwing up in my mouth a little cuz i'm over myspace, but whatevs!).  I'm excited to share my journey with the world. It's pretty dope when you think about it.  I never really thought i had a "story" until just recently.  I've had numerous epiphanies and "a-ha" moments (are they synonymous?) since the clock struck twelve on New Year's Day.  So, i'm going to take this opportunity to start writing about my adventures in life.  

No, I'm not a world traveller (...yet) or a super hero (...yet), but I will be. Soon.  I feel it in my bones.  I'm just an irregular girl living an irregular life & taking it all in stride, the good, the great, and the not so awesome. I have a few tricks up my sleeve and i think it would be amazing to share the journey with others.  It's pretty much the beginning of something great.

**I'll have to fill in all the back story some other time (when i feel like it! LOL I'm a Cancer, so i do a lot of things based on how i feel)**

until next time!

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