Friday, February 29, 2008

It's My Anniversary! Leap Year...

Exactly 4 years ago today, I embarked on my life's be in the fashion industry.  This is the very day, Feb. 29, 2004, that I moved to New York City to make my dream happen.

Looking back, I've realized that I am really in it to win it!  I've been thru so many trials and tribulations to get to where I'm at right now.  And...I appreciate the HELL out of this moment right now!!  This lil' dream I have, is presenting me with a whole new appreciation for paying attention to the small things! When you have all the bits and pieces, and put them together the way they're truly intended, it's SO much easier to see the bigger picture.  For so long, I've just been collecting pieces...not putting them together, but knowing each one was equally important for whatever reason. Not at least until today.  This very instance.  Amazing.  Truly, truly amazing.

I am so thankful right now. I am totally vibrating at a higher level.

stay tuned...

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