Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I Got The Boot...!

I got excommunicated from the Three Feet From Gold Game today....go figure. I was one of the MOST excited about playing & I just couldn't stick with it... [good job!]

It's not that I gave up on my end goal or that I'm not still working toward it...
It's that I thought I had the wherewithal to maintain my focus and encourage another along the way. Buuut, I don't. [and I learned the hard way...oops.]

I subconsciously allowed my vision to suck me in. Tunnel vision.

Which is, by the way, is not a bad thing...because that just means I am really passionate about my art [which is a new-found thing...my being passionate about something].

However, it was not cool to leave people hanging. That's what disappoints me about what I've allowed. I could've gone about it much differently...but I didn't. AND[!] I got called out on it. [Thanks, Shine.]

::Silver lining:: I learned a very valuable lesson: Have balance and integrity.

My bad everyone.

I just woke up. Thank you and Good Morning.


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