Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Saturday Night Fever...!

Saturday night was great. I went out with my new American friends Octavia & Tom. Getting to their hotel was quite the adventure.

Not having a cell phone has its advantages...but when it comes time to meet up with people that you've never met in person, in a city you've never been to, the ability to whip out an iPhone comes in handy.

Oh well...

I took the Metro into the city to meet them at Place Vendôme (which I looked at online so I'd have an idea of what to look for when I arrived). I got of the train and had NO fucking clue which direction to go. SO, I took a deep breath, approached a friendly-looking French couple & attempted to ask for directions....in French. [ummm...yeah.]
I had all the words ready in my head, but as soon as it was time to speak them......merde!...yeah, not so much. Luckily they were really sweet people and the realized that I didn't have a fucking clue when it came to the French language. The woman asked some other guy for directions, since she didn't really know where the Place was. Voila! He knew & together they were able to point me in the right direction. Whew!

So, I started walking. [in 4 inch heels mind you] ...and it started raining.

Did I mention I didn't bring my umbrella?

Lucky for me it was only a light drizzle.......but, still.

After about 3 blocks, I realized I was at the Louvre [très cool!]....not at the Place Vendôme. Time to ask for more directions! [fuck!]

I saw a nice French woman with her bicycle and I approached her with my best broken French. Seeing my struggle with the language, she replied in English. "It's over there...I don't know where the main entrance is, but you will want to go this way...." I humbly thanked her and turned around and began to walk BACK in the direction I'd just come from......in my 4" heels.

I cried inside...mainly for my feet...but whatevs.

I took about 3 steps toward my destination when a tiny French man ran up to me from behind shouting "Excuse-moi mademoiselle! Excuse-moi mademoiselle!"
I turned around to see this tiny little man in a tux running up to me with a motorcycle helmet in his hand and an enormous smile on his face.
"Oui?" I reply.

"smfoasidfowiefoawnefaowjfmao;goasfmladgkmladf mademoiselle!" [yeah, that's pretty much how it sounded to me]

"I'm sorry," I say, "je ne parle Français. I don't understand what you are saying."

Broken English...broken French...fantastic!

He asked where I was going & I told him Place Vendôme.

"Do you want a ride?" as he points to his scooter.


"Oui, oui! Merci, merci beaucoup!" I reply. I point to his helmet and ask if he had an extra...but of couuuuurse he does!

What are the chances?

I'm totally going along with it. Cuz it sure beats walking another 5 blocks in the rain in a dress and heels!

"Vous êtes très jolie! Je t'aime! Je t'aime!" as he kisses my cheeks...over and over!
He tries to go in to plant one on my lips....DE-NIED....he gets the cheek.

I hop on the back of the scooter and we take off.

Each stop light, the tiny man turns to me, lifts his visor and tries to kiss me.

"Go! Go! The light is green!" I say...and laugh as I roll my eyes.

I swear we circled The Place 3 times before he dropped me off...! Finally we stop at the entrance and I get off the scooter. He grabs me and tells me how excited he is.... Yeah, THAT kind of excited. I give him a gracious smile, a light push, and tell him thank you for the ride.

Merci beaucoup, le dude! I gotta go!

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