Sunday, June 1, 2008


I don't get to see You as often as I'd like anymore.
At least not in the way I'd like.
If only You could see me the way I saw You.
If You could only see what I see.
If only You knew what I know.

You have been away for a while.
A long while.
I miss You.
I miss the time we spent.
I miss the moments we shared.
I miss touching You.
I miss hugging You.
I miss the kiss we had.

Now You live only in my dreams.
You are forever at a distance.
I close my eyes.
I hear Your voice.
I watch how You move.
I watch how You walk.
You have a bop in your step.
Like a little boy on his way to buy penny candy.

I hold on to the memories.
I cherish them every day.
I think about all the things You said to me.
I look at photos of You.
I look at photos of us.
I reminisce.
I smile.
I miss You.

Hopefully You will come back again.
Until then, I sit at the end of the dock.
My tiptoes in the water.
The breeze gently stroking my hair.
I watch the sun as it sets beyond the trees.
I sit and I wait for You.
I wait for You to row Your boat back toward the shore.
Waiting for You to come back and take me with You.

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  1. Girl! I'm only gone for a month. And what the hell is this "touching" thing?



    That was beautiful.


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