Saturday, June 14, 2008

Let Love.

[The title has inspired a painting.]

I saw You today.
I saw how hard it was to stay mad at You for even a moment.
It was like yelling at a puppy.
I instantly felt bad... and silly.

I had to restrain.
To resist.
To control the urge to grab You and kiss You.
I even played off the gestured hug.

Instead, I just smiled inside... and adored You.

As I reflect on the Moment.
As I replay it in My mind.
I think about what the outcome would have been.
Had I not refrained.
Had I just let Love.

I hold back because of You.
I hold back only in Your presence.
I do it for You.
I understand.
That is my reason.

My Heart is overflowing.
My head is trying to keep it under control.
It's an arduous task.
One that shouldn't be necessary.
But is.

I Pray silently.
Please, don't break My heart.
I ask.
I wait.

I let Love.


  1. Sounds like you're taking a lot of cold showers.

  2. [to Anonymous]: Funny! But, I actually love HOT showers. No need for cold ones. Good one tho.


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