Wednesday, June 4, 2008

He's In!

We are finally one step closer to Obama's inauguration.  I know the man has a challenging road ahead of him, but I have no doubt in my mind that he will be able to make the Change he promises.  This is one hell of a man we've got who is ready to lead this country to great new heights.  He is the change we have longed for for ages.  He is nothing short of amazing.

I am not worried about Obama one bit. I know in my heart that he really is going to turn this country around. We definitely need it. I truly believe that this is going to be the most riveting presidency we will experience in our lifetime. I have so much faith in this man's abilities that I know he will be able to bring this country together, FINALLY. And there are a lot of others out there who wholly think the same. I'm not saying or implying that it will be an easy task by any means, but I do know that his second term is gonna be phenomenal!

To all you naysayers, doubtful thinkers, and/or worriers, I say...

Keep looking at the bright side. Eventually you will be able to see the source of the light!

That's the way I look at things!

OBAMA '08!


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