Friday, June 6, 2008

Mem'riiiiiiiiies From The Corner Of My Miiiind...

Today I went thru old messages in my myspace inbox dating WAY back to October of '04.  I reread quite a few of them and realized how much I have grown in the last 4 years...and all the friends I've kept in touch with as well as those I lost touch with.  It's pretty amazing really.  Reading old messages from old friends and the conversations we was very nostalgic. 

I also came across a few "first contact" messages from my now very good friends...hell, family at this point.  As I reread the messages, I couldn't help but smile a little (and sometimes a lot).  Looking back on where I was and WHO I was when I first received those messages.  Then, as I continued to read the O.G. messages, I thought about how well I now know the people who sent them.  Knowing their personalities, their izms (as CJ would put it), knowing WHO they are now, but not knowing who they were THEN.  It's almost like reading an old diary or going back to the future with the knowledge you have present day.  It was pretty awesome actually.

If I only knew then...

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