Sunday, June 1, 2008

I'm SO Mad Right Now...



I had a weird dream last night that I missed my motorcycle class. It was so bizarre, because the REASON I missed the class (in my dream) was because of a time daylight savings time...but instead of an hour forward or back, it was a 2 hour forward time change. So, in my dream when it was 3:30 on the clock (that I apparently forgot to set) it was ACTUALLY 5:30! And since my class started at 4, I missed it. The other thing that pissed me off in my dream was that the time change was meant for that day only and apparently I forgot or didn't even know about it. Yeah, that was my dream.

Wellllllllllllll. Guess what?!

I missed my class today.  And you wanna know by how much? 
1 minute.  


Now. I'm pissed.  Instead of having a computer on my lap, I should have a motorcycle between my legs right now.  But, no.  No, because I missed the exit and had to turn around.  In that time, I missed it.  I missed my fucking motorcycle class.  Now I have to go standby until I get in.

I KNOW there is a reason I missed the class today.  Hell, I'm not getting my bike til Meow get's back from China anyway.  So, honestly, it's not like it was a major fuck up.  But it still sux nonetheless.  I was really looking forward to it. 

So, as with all things in life, I take this one in stride. And, I'll try again another weekend.


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