Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Change Is Comin'...

I am happy to report that I am very inspired right now.

I am ready for change. And, boy oh boy is it gonna be a biggun! I've got a rough outline of what my role is in all of it......the Universe will handle the rest. Beginning right now, at this very moment, I've already put it all in the works. Tomorrow morning is Day 1 of Master Cleanse [yes, I'm doing it again...but I'm doing it RIGHT this time!]. Once I'm off the cleanse, I'm going vegetarian...bye-bye blood and bones!

This week, maybe tomorrow or Weds...but definitely by Thursday[LOL], I am starting yoga again.....and doing it regularly. And[!], I'm getting my bike, too.[!] My workout routine will be in full swing by this time next week. I'm getting my shit together, yo! I'm over the bullshit for serious!

Come July 5th [my birthday...buy me presents] you will see a whole new me! We will both be surprised, let me just say that right now....mark my words! ...2 months EXACTLY....watch and learn muthafuckas!


Saturday, August 8th is my 1st art show! (Thanks, Tiffany!!) So, over the next 3 months I will be painting my ass off in preparation. I am VERY excited about this. I will be writing about my painting experience and posting pictures on my other blog Cre8dByGoose...so stay tuned for that! Wooop wooop!

I am EXTREMELY excited for this change that has already begun. I promise I will be writing more blogs too! (Thanks to Mark for kicking my ass in blogs!)



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