Friday, May 8, 2009

Ever Evolving, Always Unfolding...

Wow. What can I say? I am really doing this shit. I'm completing my 3rd day of the Master Cleanse and my consciousness has just bumped up another level.


I've said it a million times before, "I know I'm going to end up a vegetarian." ...and, for some reason, it kinda bummed me out. I am only now realizing, it was due to a fear-based program, also known as, Fear Of Missing Out. And, as I write this entry, I am laughing my MUTHA FUCKIN ASS OFF...cuz, if you go to one of my earlier posts, you will see me in a T-mobile web spot entitled, "F.O.M.O.", meaning exactly that[!]...Which, by the way, is a dirty little program I had been operating with...up until now, of course. *wink*

[♪♪ Connect the dots! La, la la la! ♪♪]

"But meat is so gooood," It says. "You'll be missing out on...[sushi, steaks, jerk chicken, oxtails, curry goat, chicken soup, fried fish, tuna melts, shrimp kabobs, cheeseburgers,etc.] ...blah, blah, blah."

Well, guess what!?...I'm cool.
I'm not missing out on shit!

As I so nimbly progress and evolve into vegetarianism [you like that, right?! *wink*], I'm realizing that there's WAY more to it than just giving up a hot skillet of delicately flavored flesh. [yuck!] ...and when I say things like that, it makes me want to be a veg EVEN MORE! It's a completely spiritual connection and evolution for me. How can I honor an animal by consuming it? This is nonsensical. [Good Morning!] It's impossible.

If I were to eat a piece of meat right now [& going forward], in my state of awareness, I would be eating it knowing exactly what it was that I was doing. It's like kicking a baby or something. You know it's, why would you want that karma? [*please note* The preceding comment was solely in regards to my beliefs for me in my experience...and has absolutely nothing to do with you and what the hell you decide to do in your life.]

I've been awakening rapidly since the day I decided to start this cleanse. I can already feel the shift and I am noticing the little changes that have been occurring in my consciousness. The day I set out on this mission, I set a goal...and not a goal that I needed a checklist for or a scale or any other physical accoutrement to accompany my progress...but a significant and poignant goal for myself...with an end date...July birthday...Mon Anniversaire! The end of an era...and the beginning of a new one!

I am so very excited.[!]

I can guarantee you that you will see a very different, freer, more not-giving-a-flying-foie-gras-what-anyone-thinks-about-who-I-am-vs.-who-they-want-me-to-be Being. [by the way, what is the longest possible sentence you can hyphenate in such a manner? ...maybe a world record?]

...moving on...

As I was saying, I set a goal. Something real and attainable for mySelf...and I'm allowing it to happen in a revealing manner. I travel toward this destination [my birthday], I am becoming increasingly more aware of my surroundings. How things change around I change among these "things" ...from my growing awareness with nature & becoming one with tuning myself with my inner Being [my internal environment] being more aware of how my external environment changes along the way to reaching my goal. All the while, NOT creating any boundaries or limitations or parameters within which to fall. It will be completely organic. Getting to know my true Self as she is revealed to me, thru me. Watching the Goddess unfold right before my eyes. [*excitement*]

I am already fascinated with how much my beliefs and thoughts on things have changed in the last four days. Let alone within the last 2 weeks.[!] A lot of my revelations have been instant. Like waking up at a snapping of a finger...



*sidebar* Shine and I went down to the waters of Palos Verdes last week [Weds April 29th-for my own time keeping purposes] and charged our crystals and feathers in a ritual honoring the Earth, the Goddesses, the Gods, and the Universe. It was absolutely AMAZING to say the least...and now, I am already seeing the shift - a major shift. GO CREATION!! *end*

So, really, what I'm getting at is that I have new "knowings". I wrote in my journal once..."A belief can be changed. A knowing cannot." Once you know can't un-know it. With that said, I definitely won't be going backward any point. You know, falling back into a bucket of chicken. I have seen glimpses of my veggie future and I'm well on my way to a raw food diet.

But[!] step at a time! Going raw will change your life forever...! I hear stories of amazing magical experiences once you go raw. [shame on you! ...dirty!]

But, alas! I will allow the progression naturally...especially cuz I want some vegan soul food[!]...and cold collard greens DO NOT sound appealing to me! [but I'll eat 'em!]



  1. So will you eventually become a vegan? Wouldn't it be bad karma to wear leather and consume dairy?

  2. Love your blog!

    Confession: oh gosh....My name is Treasure and I fail at vegetarianism like 300 times a

    its definitely mental.....I love the thought of having ONLY clean foods in my body, to walk the earth with a healthy body AND mind is a wonderful feeling!

    coming soon!


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