Tuesday, May 5, 2009

...In Response...

2 things...one of which I myself just learned [...as it came to me when I began to formulate this comment]

1) EXPECT something GOOD...and you WILL receive it. [this is an "always must"!]


2) BELIEVE yourSelf when you are saying your affirmations and stating your intentions.

I'm speaking to both of us when I say this...

It's one thing to say something, in this case, our affirmations etc, in an attempt to change our circumstances....we think, "Ooh, if I just say this over and over, things will change...!" But if we don't truly, and unequivocally BELIEVE what we are saying...then, it really won't mean shit[!!]. And, THAT is what's real.

It's the feeling, the emotional connection, to the words we speak and the thoughts we have (conscious or unconscious) that determine our course.

I can connect with the way you are feeling...I'm going thru my version of it over here [as you know from my rants]. I found myself saying the same "something" over and over and "meaning it" every time...but nothing changed. And, I always wondered why.

Well, today, it hit me...and it wasn't until AFTER I consciously changed my feeling about my situation and then acted upon that feeling, that I recognized what was really going on. It was an instant manifestation and I acknowledged it...which in turn, made the "something" more real...I shifted and I actually felt the difference...thus beginning a new cycle.

We all have to recognize and acknowledge our progress as we make it. Many of us don't do that...hence why we continue standing there with our eyes closed wondering why we can't see anything.

We don't give ourselves enough credit during the process of our evolution and don't notice the "small stuff". We must pay even closer attention to our ability to manifest what we want in our lives. Every step counts and every step is important.

We need not judge ourselves so harshly either...there is nothing to "fix", because we are not broken. We are learning. We are remembering who and what we really are....through our experiences, through our evolution.

You are not Humpty Dumpty, you didn't fall and shatter into a million pieces, in need of super glue. You came here and got covered in "muck" (aka really shitty programming), and you are now shedding layers of false reality and uncovering your true Self.

Embrace that!

I am very inspired and encouraged by your writing. It keeps me motivated to keep on keepin' on with my ramblings as well!

We are all truly helping one another by publicly scribing our honesty with ourselves...taking responsibility out loud, if you will. If I'm encouraged, that means someone else is too! ...which, in turn, encourages you to keep on keepin' on! ...and so on and so on...

...and the beat goes onnnnn! ;o)

Love & Light


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