Saturday, May 9, 2009

Making It A Habit.

So, for the 3rd-ish day this week, I find myself sitting on the front patio of my building [there's an awesome wooden patio set with a green umbrella...and I get free wi-fi *grin*]. I've made it a point to come out here and get my creation on. I'm using this opportunity to do my freelance work, blogging and painting...and just be-ing. And, thru my new habit, I see a lot of interesting people walking and driving by. I listen to the lovely songs of all of the amazing birds in my neighborhood. I watch bees and butterflies flutter around and "do their thing". I listen to the wind blow thru the trees, rustling leaves. An occasional car horn honk saying "Move it you asshole!"...but politely, [LOL] cuz it's WeHo (...hey, it's 4pm in know what that means...rush hour...what do you expect?).

...I digress...

As part of my change...more appropriately, my evolution...I am making it a point to enjoy all the "amenities" my life has to offer. And, I must say, I am very much enjoying Life right now. [I guess that's why they use the term "freelance". *Woop woop!*]

This is how everyone should live in my book. Do your thing, be creative, be your own Being. Live life for all Its ammenties. The money comes, it always does...and it comes faster when you release the fear. The Universe is abundant and provides for all of Its inhabitants.

So don't fret. You are always taken care of. We are always taken care of!

As long as you KNOW're good.

SO, bring your ass outside and chillax for a minute! Enjoy your surroundings. Smile more and talk to more people. Talk to the birds and the butterflies and every living thing around you! Believe me, they are listening...& if you just Be and allow yourself to listen....maybe you'll be able to hear what they are saying to you...[!]


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