Sunday, June 21, 2009

Amma Need a Hug....!

I had a most amazing experience in the last 24 hours.

Amma, aka "the Hugging Saint", has been in LA for the last week. I was fortunate to have the chance to witness and experience such an amazing Being.

Shine, Jah-Jah and I ventured down to the LAX Radisson (I know, right?!) to get in line for our hug. We knew that the wait was gonna be long, so we got there "early". The ceremony was scheduled to start at 7:30pm...we arrived at 6. We were escorted into a big ass room with a million chairs and about 8 TVs, and handed a "token" [aka a little yellow paper ticket].

I had NO idea what was going on, or what any of all of this meant. All I knew is I was getting a hug from Amma at some point & I have a little ticket with "K3" printed on it. No explaination. No nothing.

Okay, cool.

As we're sitting in these seats, looking at the back of other people's heads, trying to watch what's happening on the TV monitors, a woman approaches and tells us about the "youth program". Jah is all excited, because to a 5-year old, sitting in a chair and keeping still & being quiet, is not an option. Excited for Amma's hug, he kept telling us, "All I wanna do is have fuuun..." So when he found out that there were other kids and he could go play, he was all about it.

With Jah-Jah enjoying his experience, Shine & I had a chance to chat more about what the hell was going on. By this time, it was around 7:45 and the ceremony had begun. We watched a bit of it on the TV a few rows in front of us. After about 10 minutes of watching, I zoned out.
Not that I wasn't interested, but more so that there was so much else going on around me and within me that I decided to turn it all off for a moment and meditate.

My mind chatter began...I wonder how this works. What is this little token thing for? I wonder how long this is gonna take. I wonder what this is gonna be like. I'm hungry.

Not too long after I "went within", a man came up to us and explained how important our tokens were. This was our cue number. When the hugs begin, the group numbers, in our case, K3, would show on the screen & that's when we go into the main room for our Amma snuggles. *Woo hoo!*

At around 9pm, the "opening" ceremony was over [I have no idea what it is traditionally called, so I'm doing my best, lol] and Amma began giving her Love embraces. We watched the TV screen, "Token - A1".

Okay, cool.

They had some very delicious vegetarian Indian food for all to enjoy...for seven I threw down. Good way to pass the time, I thought.

Stuffed like a lil piggy, I glanced at the TV around 10pm..."Token - B3"

Uh, let's go for a walk.

After a couple more hours of walking around, hanging out in the mini courtyard & allowing Jah to run around. We headed back inside.

"Token - E5"


We went back to the room where they had the kids program earlier in the evening. It was pretty empty considering the rest of the 2nd floor was overflowing with people. The lights were a bit dimmer and it was MUCH quieter than in the other rooms. There was a guy (someone's dad, I'm sure) laying on the floor snoozing. Not a bad idea, I thought. "Let's go snatch up that corner," I said, "I'm about to follow this guy's lead."

Jah-Jah ran over to play with 2 little girls, Shine sat in a chair at the table, and I made my jacket into a pillow and laid my ass on the floor!

"Token - G1"

Good night.

At around 2am, Shine wakes me up, "They're on K1! It's our turn. Let's go!"
I wipe the drool off my pillow, shake my fro and put my shoes on. Jah is fast asleep & Shine is trying to wake him. No go...this kid's out like a light. Have you ever seen anyone sleep standing up? Well, I have...his name is Jah-Jah and he's 5.

I grab the boy, she grabs our stuff and we head to Amma.

There's probably about 40 million billion people milling around the venue at this point. It's pretty insane. We find out where we need to be and arrive in perfect time. There are 2 rows of chairs with a sign posted on the back of each..."Darshan Line" with an arrow pointing forward. I felt like I was in line for the Giant Drop at Six-Flags. Instead of standing in line, we were sitting in line. It was a little like musical chairs...put your ass in the closest open seat. When the person in front of you moves up, you move up. Now, try this half asleep, with a s 60 pound kid drooling on your about coordination! *champion!*

After about 5 minutes of craziness, I'm up & fully alert. I've got 20 chairs or so to wake this kid up. This was a challenge. How do I wake a sleeping child without making him upset or cranky?!?

...with tickles!!

Musical chairs, move up one.

Well, tickling a 5-year olds ribs wasn't completely effective, because even after he'd wiggle and crack an eyelid, he kept falling back asleep.

Musical chairs, move up one more. Try again.

Luckily, my next move, I sat next to a man and his lady (I assume) who were watching my feeble attempts to wake this kid. The man says, "Do you mind if I hold his hand and give him some energy? This will help wake him up." "Sure! Please!" I said with a smile. The man takes Jah's tiny chocolate hand into his and begins. In the meantime, I'm still working my "magic" trying to bring him out of the ethers.

After about 5 or so minutes of energy work, Jah starts scratching his fro. Ha! It's working! The man explains to me that the energy he's sending goes straight to the crown & thus the head scratch. A few more minutes & it's time to move again. I thank the nice man & he gives a most gracious smile. What a lovely spirit, I thought.

Bleary-eyed, WonderBoy is finally coming to. "Mommyyyyyy. Where's my mommy?" He grumbles. "She's sitting right in front of us, Jah-Jah. See?" I tap on Shine's back and they connect. *Woo hoo!* For the next 15 or so seats, Shine takes over as Jah comes back to Earth.

We finally get to the stage where Amma is sitting. She's surrounded by what seems like a million people..but is probably only about twelve or fifteen. There are people waiting on each side of the stage, in their respective chairs to receive Amma's loving embrace. A man comes over with a pleasant smile and a name tag that says "Doctor" and escorts us into the last 2 spots.....we're next.

The rest was a bit of a whirlwind. As Shine and Jah are receiving their blessing. I was admiring all that surrounded us. Amma had a most beautiful silver headpiece with emeralds, rubies and diamonds. She wore a yellow sari and her aura glowed bright white. I was shuffled to the left of Shine & received my hug. I closed my eyes and took it all in. Amma smelled of roses and her energy was magnificent. She recited a mantra in my right ear as she hugged me. I didn't understand the language, but I knew it was very blessed and empowering...I could feel it. I felt a jolt of energy at the culmination of our embrace. She looked at me and gave me the warmest most loving smile. I thanked her as she put 2 Hershey's Kisses and 2 rose petals in my hand. I felt at peace.

After over 9 hours of waiting, it was all over...and totally worth it. I feel honored to have had such a magical experience before I head off on my journey to France. My knowing is strengthened, my piece of mind is sound. I am ready for the next stage.

...may the force be with you!


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