Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Three Feet From GOLD!

Today begins The Three Feet From Gold Game...and I'm so fucking excited I could pee my pants! [buuuuut, I won't]

The Game consists of a small group of AMAZING women who are banding together to help each other achieve our dreams!

Here's a brief rundown of how this thang works...

Each individual sets an astronomical 90-day goal (or set of goals) for herself...something that she's always dreamed of doing or being or having. And each week she will do certain tasks that progress her toward realizing this goal.

We have our own Three Feet From Gold Game mini-website (...like a private Facebook) where we each have our own profile page. This way we can maintain contact with one another, upload pix and videos, post discussions and blogs, etc, etc. [very cool! ...if you click on the title of this blog you can see my page]

As a group, we all come together for a weekly conference call to discuss our progress and set the tone & theme for the up coming week. [...this week is ROCKSTAR Week!] Within the group, we partner up and check in daily with our buddy to make sure we're doing exactly what we're supposed to do and staying on track. By teaming up AND belonging to a larger group, we are all holding each other accountable for our progress...and ultimate success.

So, what really makes each of us push forward, beyond the hey-girl-did-you-get so-and-so-accomplished-[check-"yes"-or-check-"no"]?
Well, if one did not complete her weekly goal, she would have to endure a consequence. The consequences are individually tailored, very creative...and equally unpleasant...yet, helps us toward reaching our end goal.

For example...let's say I didn't fulfill my goal(s) this week...my consequence would be to stand on the corner of a busy intersection in LA for 3 hours and sing Dancin' Machine by the Jackson 5 while wearing a gold sequin jacket and a sign that says, "I'm singin' and dancin' my way to Paris & I need money!" [OMG! *eek*] and have a jar by my side for people to put dollar bills in. [HIGHLY undesirable!] ...the mere thought of this makes me want to keep my shit tight! *ack!*

On the flip side, if one were to successfully complete her weekly goal, there would be an individually tailored reward. Like treating herself to a spa pampering or buying something she's always wanted...or whatever she deemed rewarding [in my case...smoking a bowl! *wink*].

Through this "game", we all have the potential and the ability to achieve our dreams! ...this is what fuels me. The idea of truly having and being exactly what I want, is pretty fucking amazing [AND a little scary]. I am so very excited to see what I am able to accomplish in a relatively short amount of time.

Stay tuned.......for this is what theGoldenChild Adventures is REALLY about!


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