Saturday, June 6, 2009

TOTALLY Inspired...!

I was reading the UltravioletUnderground blog today and came across a very inspiring Being, Chanel Kennebrew, and I absolutely had to share! Chanel is the creator of Junkprints, a line of super cool graphic & illustrated wares ranging from funky dresses to kick-ass backpacks to super fun wallets. And, her blog, Dookieblog, is a blast to read! *bonus!*

Chanel is très cool and ridiculously creative. Here's a video interview I found on Etsy. Watch see for yourself...

video courtesy of: Handmade Portraits

We are all here to inspire each other....SO[!].....Chanel, kudos to you for being absolutely your SELF, living in your fullest spirit and doing exactly what you love to do! I wish you continuous bliss, joy and prosperity! With that, I say THANK YOU...for you have truly inspired Me!

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