Thursday, May 22, 2008

Happy Birthday!

At first, I was going to get you a special gift.  Something I felt like you would really appreciate.  Some thing that I thought would let you know how much I care and understand.  Then, I thought I would get you something that would carry less weight.  Some thing that would be more fun & more super awesome

But, now I've chosen to give you something more meaningful than some thing.  I'm giving a very precious gift. One that I hope you will carry with you for many years and truly cherish.  I'm giving you the gift of my friendship.  The one thing that I truly enjoy in life is being a good friend.  And thru my friendship rather than thru some thing, you will truly know how much I care and understand.

So, here's to you!  Happy Birthday & I'm glad to be able to call you "friend."

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  1. You need to post more often to satisfy my cravings. Thanksalot.


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