Wednesday, May 28, 2008

It's Been A Minute

I obviously haven't been blogging the way I used to.  May was a crazy month.  A lot of things happened & I had no time (or urge, really) to blog.  Apparently, however, I do have one "anonymous" reader who was missing my entries...according to a comment posted on an earlier entry.  So, it's time to go back to my civic duty & write more about what's in my head.  I definitely don't want to upset all my fans...or fan. LOL  You are appreciated, Anonymous Reader! Thank you :)

So, yeah. May has been nuts.  A lot of changes in my life.  Notably, I've had a major spiritual shift. I remember at the very beginning of the month, I was worried I'd be forced to stop my journey to take on a job.  [see While Waiting for the Paint to Dry...Enlightenment.] But, now that the job has ended and May is almost over, I realize that I couldn't have been more wrong in my initial thought.  I now realize that at that time, I was still living in fear.  Now, the tide is changing and fear is becoming nothing more to me than just a four letter word.  

The experiences I've had, each very real and very powerful, sometimes have me second guessing whether I'm going crazy or not.  The "societal" side [aka the humanness, as Rev. Beckwith would put it] has me thinking that way.  Although the societal voice is weakening, I can still hear it every so often.  Trying my damnedest to stomp it out at this very moment, however, I am coming realize that it will only slowly continue to fade until it's so quiet only dogs and dolphins can hear it.  And it is at that point that I will truly be conscious.  

I can say, without a doubt, that I am finally awake.   I've been brought out of my hibernation & can finally see it.  I am awake.  I am rubbing the sleep out of my eyes trying to put together the crazy dream I had in the moments before I came to.  The beauty of this stage of consciousness, is that it's momentary (that is unless you were smashed the night before & you're gonna be hung over for a while...luckily for me, I wasn't drinking).  With that, I say, "Good Morning."

Time to get out of bed & head for the bathroom to shit, shower and shave (my legs and my armpits, ass!).

I am ready to begin my Life.

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