Friday, May 30, 2008

Rollerblading Part 2: Angel on Skates

I decided to let go and have fun today.  A much needed release.  I'm happy I started listening & finally let my guard down.

Today, for the first time, I allowed myself to see the light in everyone I passed along the bike path; everyone on the basketball court; everyone laying in the grass and sitting on benches. I saw the light in everyone everywhere. It was amazing. The best part...I immediately was able to recognize other conscious beings. We connected eyes, we exchanged smiles, we embraced peace and happiness...all happening within the moment it took me to pass them on my skates.
It is amazing!

After upgrading to Rollerblade 5.0, I glided along the boardwalk listening to my iPod.

Then, John Coltrane came on.  Lush Life.  I almost changed the song cuz I wanted to boogie on my new blades, but something told me not to.  Just let it play.  So, I did. 

I became entranced by the melodic sounds of Coltrane's saxophone.  Gliding effortlessly with every note.  I began to daydream. I danced with my imagination and fell in love.  In my state of bliss, a man came up along side me on his beach cruiser & got my attention.  I unplugged my left earbud, smiled warmly and said, "Hi."   The man looks at me with joy in his eyes and says, "I just wanted to tell you that I've never seen someone so graceful on rollerblades before.  You're like an angel on the bike path.  A rollerblading angel."

I was floored.

I said, "thank you" with a most gracious and generous smile.  

For a moment, and only a moment, we glided alongside one another with a silent, yet engaging pause.

Even though I knew what I was listening to, looked down at my iPod and said, "Oh. I'm listening to John Coltrane." And smiled again.

He says sweetly, "It figures. You move so gracefully."

I say thank you one last time, again with an appreciative smile.

The man says, "No. Thank you, Angel." He smiles and rides off.

I plugged Coltrane back in my ear & smiled to myself as I embraced my experience.

I floated gracefully along the pavement. 


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