Sunday, March 16, 2008

A Breakup, Rock Band & Guitar Hero!


It's crazy how things can totally change in a matter of a conversation!
I went thru an interesting situation today with a dear friend of mine and learned about 17 life lessons in the process. awesome. !!

To the naked eye, it would have appeared to be a "breakup". ...Kyle quit the band, y'all. *sigh* (PS. I'm Kyle in this situation)

**they need that song for Guitar Hero, by the way. That shit would be SO much fun to play!!**

After playing the role of "big ass baby" (what I am now realizing is what I was pretty much acting like...), I've come to the conclusion that some of us (namely me!) build up beliefs, ideas, and ridiculous stories in our heads about what we THINK is going on...but couldn't be farther from the truth!

Life Lesson #38: At the end of the day, it all breaks down to having open lines of communication.

After ranting about how I felt about this and what I thought about that, I asked for a response & was pretty much blown away. Had NO idea! (but kinda did...)
My "made-up" story didn't match the actual story. Surprise, surprise.

Life Lesson #46: DON'T MAKE UP SHIT!

**this is a breakthrough moment people! pay attention. I'm sure it's the case for many of you!**

Anyway, after getting the scoop directly from the horses mouth ...which by the way is a WEALTH of information. And apparently, that's where you want to get this shit (the scoop) from directly.

Life Lesson #71: If you want to know what the f*ck is really up, go directly to the source and ask. Then refer to Life Lesson #46.


I was a tad embarrassed. *blushing* After eating a ton of crow, I totally had to admit that I was being silly & that I wanted to rejoin the band. LUCKILY, I have awesome band members!!

Life Lesson #112: Always appreciate your band members!!

After the breakup-to-make up jam session, it was on to an evening of Rock Band. Where I got to play the bass for the first time. That was pretty awesome! I really must say. For the people who know me, know I've always secretly wanted to play the bass guitar. And today, I was able to make that least virtually.

Guitar Hero is awesome make up sex!

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