Monday, March 10, 2008

Bar Lubitsch

After a long mentally draining day...
I play Guitar Hero for the first time. (sorry, no pics!) CJ & Bill talk a whole lot of shit to beginners (Bill's much nicer about it! Thanks, Bill!)

I definitely sucked my first time (yes, my first time wasn't pleasurable for all... sorry folks!) But, I was getting the hang of it. Wait til I rock that shit! Just wait! My next big purchase is going to be a Wii & a shitload of games (including Guitar Hero!).

After getting my ass kicked on Wii, it was time for drinks!! ...Yes!

Went to Bar Lubitsch on Santa Monica (@ Stanley Ave) in West Hollywood

Awesome people watching. The crowd was an amalgamation of Melrose/La Brea vintage whores and their respective entourages --and us. Apparently this is where they congregate to show off their rare finds (steppin' back into all kinds of eras) and swig spirits on Sunday nights. The music was a mixed but good. Funk, Punk, Old School, Alternative! Awesome!! I danced my ass off. I really needed it too!

No more paparazzi for Bill. He's done for the day...!

Forever camera ready...
read his blogs: chris jovan a.k.a "good look"

I have to get the other pics (the one I'm actually in) and post it for y'all.

it was definitely good times!

**here are the other flix**

camera phones y'all!

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