Sunday, March 9, 2008

Thanks, Erykah!

If it wasn't for others speaking from their heart & from their soul, it would be much more difficult to go thru what I'm going thru right now. So, with that, I say thank you Ms. Badu for releasing your album when you did.  I was SO meant to be listening to it right now!!

I also must give thanks to Robyn for listening. Thanks girl! I reallllllly needed that!  You have helped me immensely.

To Jinxx: don't be mad for how I'm gonna do what I'm about to do soon. I'm not doing it to be an ass or a bad friend, but it's how I have to do it - for me.  I appreciate your understanding.  Honestly, when i really think about it... u probably won't give a #@$% anyway... furthermore, you're probably not reading this either! And THAT is the kicker! ha. Nevertheless, much love to you! U will always be fam to me. Always. See you Monday (maybe Tuesday... I haven't decided yet).  ...And, still, thank you! you REALLY have NO idea. NO idea.



  1. **Yes, I am commenting on my own shit! leave me alone!!**

    To Jinxx: In my head, I expected some other kind of I am known for. But you know that about me already! you call it "predictable", I call it "you are SO right!" I'm working on it. I really am. Thanks for being so awesome! THANK YOU for real. It's much appreciated.


  2. I, too, loved this CD almost as much as I love your blogs. Good reading.


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