Monday, March 3, 2008

Gorgeous Day...

For many reasons!  Today I am feeling very centered... very "zen", if you will.  I got the word this morning, took a driving adventure thru Downtown LA (it was an adventure because the LA Marathon blocked off every street I tried to cross!), went to my fav coffee spot in Silverlake (Cafe Tropical...the BEST Cuban coffee!! Thanks Carole!), then on to pick up a smokey treat & now I'm home.  Pretty awesome!
SO, as i was driving, music off (and for those of you who know me, know that I don't drive w/o music!)...I just listened.  Listening to the wind as I drive along the 101. Listening to the car engine idling at the stop light. Listening to the birds, to the traffic, and to the sounds of all that surrounded me.  As I listen, I give thanks for my day, for my existence, for my moment of clarity and for my peace of mind at that moment.  It was perfect.  I, for the first time, saw Hollywood for the trees (instead of seeing the "forest for the trees" in case some of you didn't pick up on that *wink*), and thought to myself, "this is pretty amazing! I should definitely do this more often!"

My lesson for the day... in addition to stopping to smell the roses... stop and listen.  I don't mean "stop dead in your tracks or in the middle of traffic," I mean, stop and turn your brain off, turn your phone off, turn your concerns off, just for a moment... and listen.  You will discover so many things going on that you never even realized existed, things you never paid attention to, moments you never knew could exist... and you too will have a moment of clarity. 

It's pretty awesome! Pretty fucking awesome. 

it's a gorgeous day!

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